2020 Q2 Inovelli Update

Hey all – just wanted to share a quick update with you all – rather than type it all out, we created a YouTube video. I realize Q2 isn’t over yet and maybe I’ll create a new one once July hits. But the plan is to send out some updates every now and then (at least quarterly).

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s support, we sincerely appreciate it!

PS – this is what we call a COVID-19 haircut lol

EDIT: Wanted to tag a few people that were shouted out for their help thus far in the community, we sincerely appreciate it (and I talked super fast in the video when I called you out). I know I’m likely forgetting a few, so apologies in advance – we truly appreciate each and everyone’s contributions.

@harjms @bry @JohnRob @kreene1987 @rpulivella @BertABCD1234 @BuilderTroy @bcopeland @Terk @jtronicus (although your disable relay quote comment has you in the doghouse lol) @Ma2J @Daweeze @amdbuilder


@Eric_Inovelli - I hope team Inovelli has a great Q3/Q4 as well! Q2 was a difficult period for all, but you will make it. You all have put in some long hours, but the dedication put in by the whole team is above all. It’s great to see a company stand by their products and continuously contribute to the forums.


Way to go @Eric_Inovelli and @EricM_Inovelli! This is a great update and I look forward to whatever is coming… whenever you can announce it…

Thanks to the whole Inovelli team for the continued support here in the forums and of course in developing amazing products!

Again with this ink drying business… I’m starting to think you’ve got some defective ink if it’s taking this long to dry! :grin:

Keep up the great work!

Lol sometimes the pen is defective. Hopefully by July 1st everything will be official. But I may be able to disclose something sooner in the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:

I’ve got a bag full of pens I would be more than happy to send you. I’m sure at least one of them will work :smiley:


Ahhh!!! I just had some more dimmers in my shopping cart too!