2023 Product Roadmap?

You’re not wrong, but z-wave lighting has never really been mainstream. Zigbee lighting on the other hand is a massive market. Something optimized to work with the blue series lineup, upgradable to matter down the road. It’d be a great add-on sale item to the switches. The first thing I did when I got a blue was to go out and buy 6 Sengled bulbs to go with it.

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Do the Sengled bulbs bind to the switch for direct communication? I’ve been eyeing some myself.

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Yes, but in my experience they don’t work that well. If you turn the bulb on and off rapidly they can’t handle all the traffic and stop responding for a couple seconds. These are the ones I tried:


Same experience here, but I rarely turn them on and off rapidly so it’s mostly a non-issue.

In Zigbee2MQTT there’s an option to set the power-on behavior but I believe that requires a firmware update and currently Sengled’s fw updates in z2m are broken. So the other negative is anytime there’s been a power bump these bulbs come on.

But I did get 6 of them for like $85 CAD so I can’t complain too much at under $15/bulb

Sengled are TERRIBLE. They keep unpairing. It takes about 5 minutes searching online and finding these unpairing issues. I got them for free and STILL regret spending the time

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What’s the difference between the Zigbee Fan switch and the * Zigbee Dual Switch + Canopy Module*?

The fan switch just controls a fan via a wired connection. The combo switch is 2 switches in one slot that controls a fan and light separately via a wireless connection to a module mounted in the fan’s canopy.

Roger. I feel like I knew that but the canopy module threw me off. Just wanted to double check to make sure the fan switch won’t require me to install a module in order to control on/off + fan speed. Thanks!

Won’t be needed. You just need to ensure you have an AC motor/3 speeds if you want the switch to control fan speeds. If you have a DC motor, you can provide full power but will need to utilize the remote that came with the fan for speed control.

Let me stop to say that Inovelli products are amazing and I truly appreciate the level of care and detail that goes into these.

I was amazed and knew it was the product I wanted in my home the first time I stumbled into the website over 3 years ago.

And now as a user with 12 dimmers controlling nearly every light in my home I continue to think of inovelli first when it comes to home automation supply.

I’ll be in line for a new fan / light switch, particularly I’ve got a on overhead fan with a single load wire at the switch box so i need to figure out how to make both elements controllable through automation, and retain switch control (hard wire power always with inovelli switch as a controller for a separate fan control module installed in the overhead box?)

Also interested in under cabinet lighting

My ultimate smart home dream device right now is a wall mountable touch screen that has configurable modules for controls including music/lighting/locks/contact sensor status/presence detection etc in a clean and bright graphical UI… I know this can be done but I just lack the time and skill currently to convert my smart things set up to home assistant. Something out of the box would be wildly cool.

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I had really good luck with an Amazon Fire 10 Tablet wall mounted with their native alexa smarthome control. Very intuitive and simple, and a simple integration (ST → Alexa) away.

Thanks for the tip.

I’ll have to consider it, my hesitation would be that I’m trying to de-Amazon myself rather than add more.

My long term goal is have a system that’s as off line as possible, but I recognize that brings its own challenges.

HAD being the highly operative word.

I’m now an HA fanatic with custom dashboards and wall mounted tabs. It’s still a hobby and not yet an addiction (I keep telling myself).


We use an iPad with the Home Assistant App mounted to a wall. For some areas, I have started deploying NSPanel via ESPHome. The display allows much more flexibility and being able to have different cards allows to add as much or as little control as you want. The two physical buttons and two relays are just a bonus.

In an ideal world, there would be something similar that fits into a 2 gang or even 3 gang box, but I have not found anything working well.

How are you mounting and powering the NSPanel?

They mount in 1-gang box (snug) powered from typical mains 100-240V.

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Ah perfect, thanks. I didn’t realize they fit in a 1 gang box. I thought you had them just mounted in the wall.

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I’d love some confirmation that inovelli remains committed to releasing a thread/matter firmware for the upcoming zigbee devices, at least those based on the mg24. I realize you are just getting that silicon in for testing, but is thread/matter firmware a roadmap reality for 2023 or something more likely for 2024? I am apprehensive to join any preorders, if a thread/mater firmware may not be available for 6 months to an additional year after the future releases of mg24 based Fan, dimmer, or PIR/paddle switches.

I would not expect it this year. There’s going to be a lot upcoming products that will most likely take focus (fan switch, Linus switch, red series). Plus I’m pretty sure some of the bigger guys are postponing their matter support.