2023 Product Roadmap?

Hi all

When can we expect a 2023 roadmap document?

@NateB_Inovelli This thread could use your assistance for an update. I believe I saw that there was some announcements in Feb, but it would be great to hear some form of update.

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The Inovelli team seems to ignore direct questions they do not have an answer to. A simple “we are still working on it” an estimated timeframe that isn’t “soon” would be great. Given how much time has passed, good luck getting a response. @Eric_Inovelli, please don’t go Rboy on us.

Appreciate the push. It’s not that I am purposely trying to ignore things, honestly, I’m overwhelmed at the moment and don’t always check the forums.

Thanks for tagging me though – I’m not sure why Nate is being tagged.

I guess what I could use some help with in terms of expectations are – what do you guys want? I can tell you what our hopes and dreams are, but that does nothing but disappoint people and give our competitors all our ideas (case and point Lutron RA3 – they stole our entire line and design).

Or, I can try to get our crap together behind the scenes and stay dark for a bit and come out with something that is a little more thought through and has a chance at succeeding.

I’ve had to gain some self-realization over the past year (or two) that we just can’t do all that we want to and I should stop trying to kick off all these ideas without having the resources to back them up.

An update we have so far is the following:

  • Z-Wave 800 2-1 Switch = Finished beta testing and is on track for March / April production
  • Zigbee Fan Switch = Should be released in April / May (waiting on MG24’s)
  • Zigbee mmWave = Working on it currently – much bigger challenge than we anticipated – hoping to have this completed late Summer

Regarding the announcement slated for February – unfortunately my lips have to remain sealed on this due to legal reasons from the SEC. We are in the final stages of legal review and I hope to be able to go live next week. But every time I say that, more and more red tape pop up and I end up eating my words.

All this to say I feel like I’ve been pretty open about everything and say a lot more than I’m supposed to quite honestly, but I’m open to feedback.

In a nutshell, I’m trying my best but clearly there’s something missing – what direct answers would you like?


Thanks for the response. I tagged Nate because of the following written in the ‘Team Contacts’ post:

TLDR: Tag him if no one from Inovelli is responding to the threads so he can give us a swift kick to get us in the forums!

Please let me know if I misunderstood this.

Thanks for being open with us I was personally hoping to understand if anything new was coming as I plan to do some renovations later this year. I think it’s fair to say that we’re all excited when we see that you’re working on something new. All of us here are big believers in the product and we want to see the company succeed in the market.


Appreciate the candor, as you and Inovelli have always been very direct and transparent. There are a couple of roadmap posts (albeit in March or July), so asking for an update/refresher is within character. Agree with @uLLfAEVeKVgMvpiA… love the products and want you to succeed.

My frustration stems from lack of response on this forum (separate topics) and evasiveness from a ticket (which. I submitted due to lack of response from the forum). The community members are fantastic and great resources, but there are times when direct engagement with Inovelli is necessary. Again, the Inovelli team are great contributors and actively engaged, who is why it is surprising to see some topics/questions get ignored, even after tagging as directed.

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Understood - I’m hoping that I can spend a little more time in the forums like I used to.

If I’m being fully transparent, I used to have alerts on my phone and I would answer almost 24/7. Ok, like maybe 20/7, but point is I had a hard time putting my phone down and spending time with my family.

It wasn’t until November this past year where I had to turn off notifications on my phone due to completely being burnt out and frustrated at the recall situation and what felt like obstacles that were out of my control.

I can’t tell you the amount of relief this took on my mental health as both that and my physical health were declining rapidly. One of my flaws is that I try to be everything to everyone and that is impossible to do.

Anyway, how this relates to the ignored posts is that since I’m not 100% active, notifications build up and get buried quickly. On any given week, I have at least 10-15 PM’s, and 50+ notifications. It can be overwhelming.

On top of that, we’re still playing catch up with inventory, dealing with a new manufacturer, working through a recall, writing instructions for all major platforms, and trying to manage back/pre-orders. This all falls on my shoulder as there’s only 4 of us, each with specific duties.

Not trying to give my sob story, just trying to say that sometimes things fall through the cracks in the forums and I do apologize.

Hopefully in the next month, things will go as planned and I will be able to focus less on the drama above and more on marketing and interacting with the community on support and innovation. I wish I could say more.

@uLLfAEVeKVgMvpiA - here’s our goal for this year. Again, if all goes as planned in the next month or so, I firmly believe we will be able to execute this game plan.

  • Z-Wave 800 Series 2-1
  • Zigbee Fan
  • Zigbee mmWave 2-1
  • Zigbee Dual Switch + Canopy Module*
  • Zigbee 5-Button*

I swore there was one more, but those are the ones slated for this year. The asterisk ones could be Z-Wave first as we have B2B interest.

@Inquiring - were you able to be helped with your ticket? If not, I can answer it.

Edit: Meant to also say thanks for saying you’re rooting for us. That actually means a lot. Sometimes I have to take the time out to realize that 99% of the time these questions/concerns come from a good place and I need to not get my panties in a wad lol


EricM published an updated driver that answered my question and (re)enabled capabilities not part of initial edge driver release. Understand the forced changes from SmartThings isn’t fun for anyone, especially for new work on discontinued products - thank you for that. Poor communication from SmartThings is a gross understatement…

I’d like to emphasize this. We’re all here because of what a great job you all do, but we stick around because of how real and transparent you are. I suspect you get inundated with questions and concerns because we know you’ll give real answers. Which I can’t say to be true with almost any other company I’ve purchased from.

I myself just had a house built, currently have 2 Red Dimmer switches that I got installed before the parts shortage hit. I can’t wait to get the other 20 switches across my house replaced once the 800 Series are ready. Am I looking for another switch I can use right now? Nope. Inovelli is the best, their people are the best, this is worth waiting for.


@Eric_Inovelli : You asked what we want. :grinning: Here are my suggestions:

  • A dual wall outlet. Each one should be controllable individually. It should have a relay and support 15A (optional a 20A version).
  • A Switch with relay. I use a lot of GE switches for things like outdoor outlets, fans and other odd loads, non of which can be controlled by a MOSFET. I was planning to replace all the old GE’s with Inovelli but cannot find any of the old red/black switches.
  • A wafer RGBCW downlight (super flat with external control box) in 4/6 inch diameter
  • 10 Button Scene Controller A replacement for the Leviton VRCZ4-MRZ Vizia RF + 4-Button Scene Controller. It has 4 pedals (8 buttons) and the “up/down” pedal. The up/down pedal allows dimming of the last selected button through associated dimmers. While the 5 button scene controller may come at some point, this is still my gold standard for scene controllers (and the only reason why I still use Vera)


Hmmm white-label some zigbee 4" and 6" RGBCW downlights with some custom Inovelli firmware on them… :thinking: :thinking:

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Honestly feel like the Ilumin burned them last time and wouldn’t be surprised if they were cautious jumping back into the light game.


Yep. That’s probably the only thing ever they didn’t sell out of right away. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That would be lit! :rofl:

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You’re not wrong, but z-wave lighting has never really been mainstream. Zigbee lighting on the other hand is a massive market. Something optimized to work with the blue series lineup, upgradable to matter down the road. It’d be a great add-on sale item to the switches. The first thing I did when I got a blue was to go out and buy 6 Sengled bulbs to go with it.

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Do the Sengled bulbs bind to the switch for direct communication? I’ve been eyeing some myself.

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Yes, but in my experience they don’t work that well. If you turn the bulb on and off rapidly they can’t handle all the traffic and stop responding for a couple seconds. These are the ones I tried:


Same experience here, but I rarely turn them on and off rapidly so it’s mostly a non-issue.

In Zigbee2MQTT there’s an option to set the power-on behavior but I believe that requires a firmware update and currently Sengled’s fw updates in z2m are broken. So the other negative is anytime there’s been a power bump these bulbs come on.

But I did get 6 of them for like $85 CAD so I can’t complain too much at under $15/bulb

Sengled are TERRIBLE. They keep unpairing. It takes about 5 minutes searching online and finding these unpairing issues. I got them for free and STILL regret spending the time

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