3/4-way dimmable from all locations?

I currently have a few Leviton DZ6HD dimmers in 3/4-way setups with DD00R-DLZ remotes. This allows physical on/off and dim control at each location.

Is there an option for this sort of setup with the Red dimmers beyond having a Red at each location? Is there a companion dimmer that works with the Reds?

GE Aux switches work great as a companion switch.

Those are all switches though right? Do they allow for dim up/down control?

They are switches, but fancier than dumb toggles. Not quite a smart switch. They will dim up/down and turn the lights on/off.

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Ah got it, I’m used to the Levitons that have a separate dimmer paddle. Do these work by short press on/off and long press dim up/down?

Exactly. Press up, turn on. Press and hold brighten. Same in reverse.

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I prefer to use all red/black dimmers so everything matches. It’s a bit more costly but it does work very well including keeping the dimmer bars in sync (which is something my Leviton dimmers/aux switches did not do).

See this thread for some further details on how to set up the needed Z-Wave associations.

Oh interesting, I was put off by the sync issues in the doc. I’ll give your thread a read.