3/4-Way Setup Challenges

Almost wondering if the LED is causing the issue. Any chance an incandescent bulb could be installed temporarily to test?

Sorry for the delay - I was over my reply limit for the day :slight_smile: All those tests with issues were performed with incandescent bulbs

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I don’t have much in the way of suggestions other than to try another dimmer you haven’t installed yet. Since you installed it in a number of locations incorrectly, you can’t rule out damaging it in the process. I can’t say that for sure, of course, but in your last installation, you fed power back to the switch over a traveler. I honestly don’t know what effect, if any, that would have on the switch, but it’s certainly not designed to be installed that way.

I would also try moving the settings from the proper ones and then putting them back. I’d try it via the app and also at the switch. It also couldn’t hurt to try incorrect settings such as non-neutral to see what effect those have.

I’m still confused about the “tick” your hearing. @harjms can discuss this further. At least with a 2-way configuration, the only click you should hear is from pressing the paddle. I’m not sure if you should hear anything at the Inovelli when it’s controlled from another switch. Perhaps someone else can comment.

Thanks for the response.

I have swapped out the Inovelli dimmer with one that I have elsewhere.
I then performed a hard reset and setup all the parameters via SmartThings. The behavior and issues remained.

I then performed another hard reset and setup all the parameters via the hardware. The behaviour remained the same.

I then played with several wrong settings - changing to non-neutral/momentary switch - I got some different behaviour, but still not the intended behavior.

Again, this is with incandescent bulbs.

In an attempt to narrow down the issue, I have connected the wires within the 4-way to bypass/override that switch.

I then tested the dumb switch 35 times (with LED bulbs and no min/max settings) and the switch worked 31/35 times (89%)

I then set the max setting to 80 and the min setting to 45. I again performed 35 tests, with the switch working 20/35 times (57%)

I then set the max setting back to 99, leaving the min at 45. I again performed 35 tests, with the switch working 21/35 times (60%)

I then set the min setting to 10, leaving the max setting at 99. I again performed 35 tests, with the switch working 29/35 times (83%)

I then swapped the LED’s back to incandescent, performed another 35 tests, and got a success rate of 32/35 (91%)

This testing is likely being skewed by me no keeping a consistent cadence and sometimes clicking too quickly.

Any additional thoughts? Or is it time to throw in the towel?

Has there been any additional input or resolution? I am dealing with this issue with a Smart Dimmer And a dumb switch in a 3-way configuration. The wiring for my switch is all new since remodel and I have wired the dumb end of the switch in every possible configuration. The best result I can get is to have the Inovelli switch work and not touch the dumb switch. If you turn off the dumb switch it works but if you turn on the light with the dumb switch at all the lights flash and the inovelli switch turns them off.

Support’s response was to factory default the switch and then try again.

I would start a new thread so Bry (or others including myself) can assist.

We need the following:

Pictures of each box on the circuit. Tagging is even more helpful (A, B, C, etc.).

Schematic/drawing of the circuit as currently installed.

Which Inovelli schematic you followed (there are many 3 and 4 way combinations that they have diagrams for).

I can confirm that I have both 3 and 4 way circuits with dumb switches at all non-inovelli locations and they work perfectly.

Hi Kreene,

Any thoughts on my 3/4 way issue?
Happy to provide any additional tests/pictures/drawings.

Appreciate any help that can be provided.

And just to try one more random thing - I just replaced the dumb 4-way switch with a brand new one - no change in performance. Still unable to get the Inovelli dimmer to function as a 4-way