3-Way: 1 Neutral, 1 non-neutral - Red Series Dimmer

When it comes to 3-way. I’ve looked at all the wiring diagrams. There doesn’t seem to be a scenario for a 3-way setup where 1 switch has a neutral and 1 switch does not.

Most of the conversations here I see here are for situations where neither have neutrals.

I’m open to using either a dumb or a GE add on switch for it to work. but is it possible in this scenario?

Any help is appreciated!


@aczubak - Are you asking to install a dimmer in both spots part of the 3 way?

If so, check out https://support.inovelli.com/portal/kb/articles/inovelli-wiring-diagrams-dimmer-switches-gen-2

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a setup for two dimmers in the setup. Note: the LED will not sync between one another. So if you use one switch to turn down, the other switch may indicate all the way up. YMMV

Yes it is possible for a 3-Way setup to switch the neutral and not the line. Can you tell us more about your wiring and what your goal is?


That is a common 3-way configuration. It would be unusual for there to be a neutral in both 3-way boxes. The only thing is the Inovelli should be placed in the box that has the neutral.

That’s only because non-neutral in both boxes can be confusing. There are plenty of people that have installed 3-ways with a neutral in one box. Inovelli publishes wiring diagrams for those as well.

As @JohnRob said, give us some details and we’ll get you going.