3-way install lights glow when off

I just installed my first Inovelli switch. the 2-1 red.
I have it installed on a 3-way with neutral wire attached. The 3-way switch is a dumb switch. The smart switched is configured for on/off operation.

  • When the dumb switch is flipped down, the smart switch works as expected. No issues.
  • When the dumb switch is flipped up, the smart switch works, but when turned off, the lights glow.

I didn’t have this issue before with just the 2 dumb switches.

Is there something I could have done wrong? or is there an issue with the switch?

Is the red wire traveler on both switches? If so, it appears that the traveler’s in the wrong terminal on the switch, but the pic angle may be deceiving me.

You’re right. The load and traveler wires were flipped. I swapped them, but now the lights are glowing when the dumb switch is flipped down and the smart switch is off.

It doesn’t matter in a 3 way as the wires are either or. You’re just swapping the traveler wires at that point. Same thing if you swap it on the 3 way dumb switch.

I would try a bypass in the light box. Guessing that your lights are LEDs? All smart switches leak a little. Your lights probably turn on at a very low level, so the bypass will help bleed off the leaked voltage.

If the lights are replaceable, you can try temporarily swapping in an incandescent or a CFL. My guess would be those will turn off completely.

Interesting, I learned something new today.

I checked my leviton smart switch. It reads 2v when turned off.
The voltage leak from the Inovelli changes depending on what I have the dumb switch set to. It leaks 2 volts in one direction and 6 volts when flipped the other way.

When turned on. I also noticed that I’m reading 133v at the dumb switch, while an outlet on the same circuit is outputting 124v.
The light bulbs are cheap walmart brand bulbs. Since installing the Inovelli switch, 2 out of the 3 of them have burned out. I’ll look for replacements from another brand.