3-Way Installation - LZW30 Switch keeps switching on

I installed an LZW30 Switch in a 3 Way configuration. For some reason it was originally wired with the “Red” wire connected to common on the 3-Way switch. Although the lights work, when the 3-Way switch is on, I cannot turn off the Inovelli. It turn off for a sec, then turns right back on. When the 3-Way is off, the Inovelli does not operate. Any thoughts?

I’m kinda loss the the bundles. Normally the first switch in line needs to be the Inovelli. I would test to ensure that the 100% always hot is connected to line on the Inovelli switch. I’m questioning because you typically don’t see line as Red.

In your bottom picture where you have the two Romex circled, the Romex on the right is a 2-wire. It looks like the white is connected to the white bundle, right? Was it connected to the white bundle when this was working with the dumb switches?

If that is the case, remove the 2-wire black conductor from the switch (Romex on the right) and USING A METER, test between that black wire and the white bundle. Do you get 120V? Test with the dumb switch IN BOTH POSITIONS.