3-way light dimmer with GFCI outlet

Attempting a 3-way installation using LZW31-SN and GE Enbrighten add-on #46199 switches. I’ve wired a number of other single pole, 3-way and 4-way switches with neutral, however these switches (both next to GFCI outlets) are not like the others.

If relevant, 3-way lights are on 1 breaker and each GFCI outlets are on their own breakers.

Dimmer switch: can I tap the 2 white wires going to GFCI outlet for neutral?

Auxiliary switch: use existing ground, traveler and white (assuming white wire shown is neutral)? Black wire gets wire nut and put to the side?

Thanks in advance.

Auxilary Switch:

From Breaker:

No, not if it’s a different circuit.

Are the names above pictures correct? Aux switch installed next to GFCI or is dimmer?

Edit: looks like I can’t read. Both next to GFCI.

Can you take some photos that aren’t quite zoomed in? Do you know which box is line and load? Same box or separate box?

Currently 2 dumb on/off switches are installed. Labels above photos are where I plan on installing the dimmer and auxiliary switches.

Line is in the first photo, same box. Sorry can’t zoom out much more in the first photo; wiring is tight, but can do my best to answer any questions.

1 (Line):


In #1, coming out of the yellow bundle, is that a cut and exposed red wire?

It’s really tough following these wires. I don’t like how the box is cut like that to allow the wires to enter, It looks like bare wires are being run through a stud without their sheething, and that cut-off red wire… This screams DIY job to me…

I also feel like there’s missing wires which makes me wonder if there’s more that have been cut off. I’m counting 4 black wires, 2 white wires, 2 red wires (1 cut) and 3 ground wires.
3 grounds would indicate 3 bundles.
1 bundle is a 14/3 with black, white, red (cut), ground
1 bundle I’m assuming is a 14/2 with black, white, ground
That leaves 2 black wires and a red wire. I’ve never seen a 14/3 bundle with 2 blacks and a red. I thought maybe 12/2 baseboard wire, but they’re the same size as the rest and there’d still be an extra black.

If you were to have a 3-way setup, with the light in the middle, the wiring at the switches would match what I’m seeing here. But there would also be a bundle of whites in that box.

In box #2, are you able to separate those wires a bit more so we can see what’s connected to what in those bundles?

Everything you’ve said is correct. This does look like a DIY which is odd because the rest of the house seems to be wired properly.

Thanks for your help on this.

Is non-neutral wiring as suggested in https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/inovelli-wiring-diagrams-dimmer-switches-gen-2#3-Way_Installation_Using_an_Auxiliary__Add-On_Switch_1 an option?

For this setup, what would the white/black wire (shown on left with an orange arrow) be in my case?

So the first thing you have to do is understand your wiring configuration. Then you can determine which diagram is appropriate.

As you’ve already figured out, you have a mess. Looking at the box above the counter, on one hand it looks like an electrician wired it (at least at one point) because some conductors are labeled with the Romex sheath. On the other hand, no electrician that has any concept of what he or she is doing would cut a hole that large in the side of a box and run the Romex through a stud.

But looking at that box above the counter, my first impression is that the line may be feeding there. That is based upon the fact that there are two black conductors connected to the switch. When a line starts at a 3-way, the black hot goes to the black screw. The other two screws are used for the travelers. Normally, this is the black and red of the 3-wire, with the white of the 3-wire and white from the incoming line bundled together.

But in your case it’s like Where is Waldo because there is no white from the 3-wire or white from the Line (if I’m correct) in that box. Can you see what’s on the other side of that stud? Those whites have to be somewhere.

TBH, your wiring is troublesome. You’ll notice that the GFCI in the counter top box is being fed by a 3-wire with the red lopped off and not terminated properly.

There is a Romex sheath label on the black conductor going to the black screw in the countertop box. Can you flip it over and take a picture so I can read the label?

I think this needs an electrician myself. You gotta know your limits.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking there’s missing wires.

My bet is this switch was relocated from somewhere else during a renovation, and those white wires are probably in a bundle in another box behind that cabinet somewhere.

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Thanks all. I’ll get an electrician to take a look at this.

Please post end results because we’re all a bit baffled.

I’ll be sure to! It will be a couple weeks at least but will add closure.