3-way Red Dimmer Help

I’ve hooked up several 3-way inovelli red dimmers setups already (using z wave association), but this one switch location continues to confuse me. The 4 gang box has switches for:
1- front porch light
2- disconnected load that doesn’t control anything
3- entryway 3-way
4- landing 3-way
the three wire twist is a hot twist. Even the front porch switch is confusing me. I think it’s currently wired where the switch is between the hot and the neutral.

I forgot to take a picture of the wiring of the 2 gang box, but I left if the same when attempting to install the smart switches. The two 3-way loads are in this box, and there is a separate hot wire in this box. The loads were each hooked up to a switch along with the bundle of the wires that each included a traveler wire. The 2 gang box has switches for:
1- entryway 3-way
2- landing 3-way

Any help would be great. I have a multimeter and can check voltage or continuity.

So I’ve found a non-optimal solution, but I’d like some more advice. The front porch single pole light switch is between the load and the neutral. What is the correct way to wire this to the smart switch? Neutral on the load or line of the inovelli switch? It seams to work either way. Also would running another line from the neutral to the neutral on that inovelli switch provide the extra neutral features. Can anyone help me figure out the 3-way wiring? I have the two switches in the 4 gang box talking over zwave to the two switches in the 2 gang box that are connected to the loads. My solution works, but this setup leaves me without a neutral in the 2 gang box. I usually send the neutral over a traveler wire, but lights won’t turn on unless the other ends of the 3-way are connected (the yellow wire nuts on the right in the 4 gang box). It must be a different 3-way wiring than I’m used to. Thanks in advance.

Just an FYI – be very careful with that cloth insulated wiring. The insulation in your photos looks like it is badly degraded and disturbing it, even just to make the secure connections is going to make things worse and increase the risk of a short.

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