3 Way Red Dimmer Wiring Help!

Installing a bunch of red series dimmers across the house.

Current set I’m on is replacing a Lutron dimmer in one box with a generic on off on the other side.

The Lutron dimmer has a 1 black, 1 red, 1 red/white, and a green wire.

Current wiring in the box:

  • Black connects to a black wire.
  • Red connects to Red
  • Red/White connects to Gray
  • Green to copper.

Note all but the black appear to go back into the same romex.

The second box with the on/off switch will also have a Red Dimmer. It currently has 1 romex in it with all wires connected to the switch.

How do I set this up with my Inovelli dimmers?

It sounds as if you are describing the involvement of a 3-wire and 2-wire in one box and just a 3-wire in the other box. If that is the case, then there are two possibilities. The first is a power the the box with the 3 and 2 with the light in the middle. The second is a non-neutral with a power to the light.

You’ll need to post pictures of both boxes with the switches pulled out, so that all of the connections to the switches can be seen, as well as into the boxes so that we can see the conductors coming into the boxes.

You will also need a meter (not a non-contact sensor) so that you can make some measurements.

I got the main dimmer working using this diagram

The second switch has no power it appears. I believe what I missed was on the left side of the diagram I neglected to confirm if the neutral wire was pigtailed into the bundle of others.

Will have to take it all apart again and snap some photos when I get time. Probably not until tomorrow.

Thank you for your reply!