3-way set cuasing Smart Switch to reboot when powering load?

  • Model # of smart switch: Black Series On/Off (LZW30)
  • Neutral: Neutral Wire in in the Box with smart switch
  • Single Pole, 3-Way, 4-Way, etc: 3-Way
  • Multi-Switch Setup (ie: 3-Way, 4-Way, etc): Using a Dumb Switch with the Black Series On/Off (LZW30) to control two LED pot lights.

Please note could only upload one photo and two URLs so I am linking out to the other photos.

Wiring setup

Dump Switch (There is only one wire bundle coming in to this box, so you are seeing all the wires available in this photo.)

The neutral and hot are coming from the white romex wire bundle.

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Video of what happens when powering things up

Any idea what is wrong with the wiring that would cause the LZW30 to reboot when powering the load?

What color is the top right conductor? It looks white to me but It might be because you took the pic with the lights off and a flashlight shining on it. Single switch box, right?

While documentation says it’s not needed, I’m wondering if a bypass might help. Can you get at the wiring box for the pots? Also, possibly updated firmware to get the switch to properly detect the 3-way.

The wire on the top right is white. It is connected to the common terminal on the 3-way switch and yes it is a single gauge box. Getting the the wiring box for the pot light will require remove of some drywall and not sure I am ready for that yet.

Are the pots a retrofit where there is a socket for an incandescent bulb but using a LED via an adapter that screws into the socket? If so, try temporarily swapping out with incandescent lights.

Yes, they are using a retrofit kit. I not sure I have any incandescent bulbs (need to search the spare Bulb Box), I have some CFL bulb I can try. Will post back results once done, may be a day or two.

Looking at the method to update firmware, it does not look like i have the required z-wave USB device for the programming.

@archprlest - Which hub you using?

I am using smart thing hub.

Well your suggestion is a big help. I have found some incandescent bulbs and while swamping the LED out with them, I notices that I can remove the pot light figure and gain access. What I found was a hidden junction box.

Not the best view and will need to take more photos to get better angles. (It is a small whole and too much going on to see well)

But what I can see is the pot lights go to this junction box. There is four other wire bundles in the box.
three are the white 3 wire romex cable and one is a black 4 wire romex cable.

The white wire from the pot light is going to the largest group of white cables, the black from the pot light is connect to a white cable on one of the 3 wire romex. the red from the black 4 wire romex is connected to a black wire. So my original wiring diagram is wrong and at this time i have no clue what two romex cables are going to my switches any more and going to need some better photo and maybe get a line tracer out to figure out this mess.

I thinking the wiring is more like Power into Light (No-Neutral in Box Set-up. This will require a red series switch for this to work.

This will require the Red or Black Series of the LZW31 (dimmer series) with no neutral.

When you say 4-wire Romex, do you mean that there are four conductors plus a bare ground?

Or is it three conductors plus a bare ground? ie Black, red, white and bare copper