3 Way setup with Line at Light Fixture

I am looking at installing a Blue 2 in 1 and a White Aux on a 3 way that has power coming in at the light fixture, is there a setup wiring diagram for this setup? I did not see one.

Can this be done with the setup I am looking to install or will have to change wiring or components?

Current wiring looks like:


You can do it as a non-neutral in the left box.

In the right box, connect the black hot and the white to the Neutral terminal on the Aux. Connect the red to the Traveler.

In the left box, connect the white hot to Line, red to Traveler and black to Load.

You may need a bypass at the light.

Configure the switch as a 3-way momentary.

Thanks, two more questions

  1. Would the Aeotec Bypass on the Inovelli store work? and

  2. How would I wire a single pole switch with power at the fixture for a Blue 2 in 1? Picture below


  1. Yes
  2. White to Line, black to Load. This one is on the Inovelli drawings if you need a diagram.

This is a non-neutral so bypass and settings apply.

Thanks again for the help, you saved me countless hours of frustration and cursing.


To clarify, when you reference left and right box in your response, you are saying that I should put the Blue 2 in 1 in the left box and the Aux in the right box? and do you have a diagram for how to hook up the bypass?

Yes, left and right box based on the drawing you posted.

The bypass goes parallel to the bulb. One to the black, the other to the white

Thanks again for the assist.

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