3 Way switch - one neutral

Current dumb switch configuration is 3-Way switch line to light fixture. No neutrals in the boxes. Circuit has 3 Phillips hue led recessed lights and will be less then 25w. Planned installation will be Blue 2 in 1 with aux switch. I want to avoid using a bypass and it would be nice to have power monitoring. (Smart bulb mode will be used)

One of the switches is close to an outlet and I am looking to pull a neutral wire over to this switch.

From what I understand the switch with line load has to be the Blue switch.

  1. If this switch has line load and a neutral is added can the aux switch operate without a neutral.

  2. If the line load is located at the other location, my understanding is that I need to move the Blue to that location. In this situation, is there an issue with a neutral only at the aux switch.

  3. Let me know if both 1 & 2 are a problem and if I should just proceed with a bypass and no neutrals.


Is that neutral on the same branch circuit as the light you are wiring? If it is not, it isn’t safe to wire it that way. If one of the boxes has a neutral, odds are they’re on different circuits. If that’s the case, then I’d just re-wire to add the light leg to the branch circuit you were thinking about borrowing the neutral from.

See #1 comments. There are times that smart bulbs in a non-neutral can cause issues, so if it were me, I wouldn’t throw anything non-standard into the mix.

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