3 Way Switch Setup - Dumb Switch + Shared 3 wire to light/fan

I just got two Red Gen 2 On/Off switches and have wired them up. One of them was on a 3-way with a dumb switch as the second switch and seems to be working great.

The other one is for a bedroom that is also on a 3 way with a secondary dumb switch as well. The light is combined with the fan and there is 3 wire romex running from the primary switch to the light/fan. There is a 2nd switch in the primary box that I kept as a dumb switch that controls the fan. The problem I have is that whenever I turn off the light from the Inovelli switch, it immediately turns back on. If I turn it off from the dumb switch, it stays off.

I used the wiring schematic for “3 Way Installation (Two Switches Control the Light) - Inovelli Smart Switch + Existing Dumb Switch”

I’ve added it to Home Assistant and believe I have the parameter 13 set to Special Load. I’m running 1.21 firmware.

Any ideas? Here is my wiring diagram. The only difference is I have the additional wire in the romex going from primary switch box to the light/fan which switches the fan. That fan switch uses the red wire from the 3 wire and is also connected to the line wire cluster.

Can you take a picture of both boxes with the wires pulled out?

Thank you for the response. Let me know if this is sufficient for what you’re looking for. I tried to annotate as well to make it more clear.