3-way switch with two travelers

It seems I have this configuration:


In one box is LINE (black) and two travelers (WHITE, RED). In the other box I have the two travelers (WHITE, RED) and LOAD (black).

What is the best way to wire this, possibly with two Blue 2-1 switches?

I think this might work:

  1. In the fixture, connect all white wires together (all white wires become neutrals and not travelers any more)
  2. In the LEFT box, put in one 2-1 switch, connect WHITE to neutral and BLACK and RED (both) to LINE.
  3. In the RIGHT box, connect BLACK to load, RED to LINE and WHITE to neutral

Does this sound like the right thing to do?

Here is what I would suggest to keep the wiring topology more in line with commonly accepted practices. Your logic, but “cleaning up” the color use.

  1. In the fixture, bundle the Whites and Blacks separately, removing the Black from the fixture. Now you have a Black/White hot/neutral pair in each box for the Line and Neutral.

  2. In the fixture, connect the red to the fixture and use the red in whichever switch box for the load. When a 3-wire is used in a switching leg, the Red is the commonly switched conductor.

You will need to use Zigbee binding facilitate the 3-way switching between the 2 Blues.

If you don’t want to use two Blues, then you’ll need to do it with an Aux in a non-neutral configuration.