3-Way w/ 2 LZW31-SN

I’ve installed 2x LZW31-SN switches in a single 3-way circuit for a light fixture. I’m using Hubitat and both switches have traveler, neutral, load, and line wires. I’ve configured both switches to “3-way momentary”. If the downstairs switch is on, then the upstairs switch has power and will function correctly. When the down stairs switch is turned off, the upstairs switch has no power and will not function. I’m not sure how I should configure the switches?

I see this on the product page:

  1. 3-Way, 4-Way (Multi-Switch) Compatibility: Works with a dumb (existing) on/off switch (no dimming), auxiliary switch (GE or HomeSeer), or another Inovelli smart switch (via Z-Wave Association)

This page Switches | Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2) | LZW31-SN | Troubleshooting 3-Way or Multi-Switch Setup (Neutral + Aux Switch) looks interesting but I’m not sure if my second LZW31 counts as an auxiliary switch (second condition above), or if it is something different (third condition above).

Two Inovellis connected together don’t work like regular 3-way switches. Configure the Inovelli in the primary location (where the power is) as a 2-way. You have to connect the two switches via association.

See this for more info:

I believe the @kelchm has some configured this way so maybe he can comment with details.

Also, you don’t have load or travelers running between the switches. 2 of the 3 conductors are used, but they send power and neutral to the other switch(es). Just use the black and white and cap off the reds. Depending on whether or not your load is in the box with the line, you should be using one of these (eliminate the middle switch):

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Sure thing – the most important thing to remember is that as @Bry said, when you are using multiple Gen 2 dimmers the red traveler will no longer serve any purpose and can simply be capped off in the box. We instead replace the red traveler wire with a ‘wireless traveler’ in the form of Z-Wave Group 3 and 4 associations. Also note that the white/black traveler wires are repurposed to provide a source of always on power (line) and a neutral to the other boxes.

See this topic for some additional details on group 3/4 associations and the needed change to parameter 12.

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What is Parameter 12? It isn’t listed on the product manual I got with the switch. I followed the virtual 3 way switch tutorial and set groups 2 & 4 using the Hubitat Z-Wave association tool. Do I need to set group 3 as well? What is group 3? If the traveler wire is not used in virtual 3-way can I just leave it connected to the switch? Is this how I set parameter 12 with Hubitat?

I see parameter 12, Association Behavior, can be found here https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/3438/configs . What exactly does value 11, Timer + Local, mean? Why not value 7, Z-Wave HUB + Local?

I see a generic description for group 3 in the device manual but it doesn’t tell me much. Switch Multilevel Set, which is the same as group 4.

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@kelchm can I leave the traveler wire connected?

I used the Hubitat Z-Wave association tool but the master doesn’t seem to controlling the slave.

2D is the slave device. It looks like it is stuck in desired versus actual, but I don’t know why or what that really means.

State Variables

  • actualAssociation4 : [7D, 00]
  • actualAssociation3 : [7D, 00]
  • desiredAssociation2 : [2D]
  • desiredAssociation4 : [2D]
  • desiredAssociation3 : [2D]
  • parameter3value : 0
  • defaultG3 : **
  • actualAssociation2 : [7D, 00]
  • defaultG2 : []

Which switch is Switch #2 in this diagram? I ended up disabling the internal relay at switch on the far right. The trick was that I had to disable it by hitting the confit button 8 times while the circuit was closed. I messed up and did it when the switch was open and the child switch (one on the right) did not have power.

There should not be any condition in which the child switch does not have power. Both switches are powered by a constant hot + neutral.

I’m also curious about this. I have been …

For whatever reason, what is documented by z-wave alliance appears to be incorrect. I think this post from @EricM_Inovelli explains it best.

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