3 way wiring help (I bet this is getting old)

I need a little help with my wiring. Here is a diagram that shows my current configuration. image

I would like to replace the 3 way switch shown in the bottom right with an Inovelli LZW30. I have neutral available in that double gang box. My question is which wire to connect where? I have wired several standard 3 way circuits. The electrician who taught me always referred to the wires on a 3 way switch as common, traveler 1, and traveler 2. Where would I connect these on an Inovelli? My guess would be Common to line, traveler 1 to load, and traveler 2 to traveler. Is that right?

Realized I was over-thinking this. Traced out all the wires and realized that the “line” was actually going all the way to the switch in question, so I just went for it and it worked.

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Fantastic - thanks for sharing an update! Crazy how many different setups there are.

Have an awesome night and thanks for the support!

hello everyone this is my first post. I have a whirring exactly the same as this and I’m trying to wire a ge zwave dimmer. Can anyone help me with the process and will the GE works or do I need another brandimage https://community.inovelli.com/uploads/default/original/1X/03a990ef1d0eb7312b15e0fcc9938f60c81a67c6.png