3 Way Wiring Help - Z-Wave Dimmer Switch (Red Series)

Just purchased 2 LZW31-SN switches (unboxed) and the electrician cannot get them to work in 3-way (existing dumb switch) following the wiring diagrams.

When the Inovelli switch is turned off, the dumb switch would not work as a 3-way. When the dumb is on, the Inovelli switch can be used to turn off the light. In the setup, the neutral wire was connected.

I was replacing 2 existing 3-way switches and in both cases, the behavior is exactly the same. I did not get to pair them with my hub (Wink) because I wanted to make sure that they were working before I paired them.

I’m out $200 for the electricians time and am back to the having the existing (working) 3-way dumb switches:-(

Can you post pics of both old switches pulled out with a view of what’s in the boxes too?

Unfortunately, the electrician has left and I did not get pictures of the 3-way “dumb” switch wiring. Attached are the wiring pictures of the Inovelli switch and the partner dumb switch.


This is the wiring on the partner 3-way switch

Question - do the switches come configured to work in a 3-way or do you have to set something to indicate that it’s being used in a 3-way setting. I found the attached in one of the community posts that seems to indicate that the default is single-pole configuration (see Parameter 22).

You need to set parameter 22 to 1. It comes configured as a “0” - single pole.

Ouch :rage: I would have expected this to be front and center in the 3-way install section. Thanks for confirming.

If anyone from Inovelli is reading this, PLEASE include this as a heads up in the instructions. It would have saved me a bunch of $$ and considerable wasted time.

We they pretty much did. There are two entire pages dedicated to the settings, pages 9 and 10. Plus, switch settings have been discussed here ad nauseum in numerous posts.

In addition to what @Controlguy57 said, set 21 to 1, as it looks from your pictures that you have a neutral.

Yeah - but I wish they had included a little note on Page 6 in the 3-way Installation wiring section (like the “Sorry for…” on the next page referring to the wiring instructions). I had downloaded the instructions but apparently they were for the LZW31 (not -SN) and in that the config parameters go to 17 (not 22). My bad, but it is very confusing.

On Config 21, the default setting is apparently “1” - is that incorrect or need to change? Thanks again for your help.

Yeah, this is our bad @rakeshg – it dawned on me the other day that while we do include a pretty substantial warning sticker on the switches that say to look at the Wiring Insert (that walks you through this entire process) the, “unboxed” switches do not come with this wiring insert.

We’re working on a knowledgebase and entirely new website right now that should clear this all up.

We hear you on the frustration and are working on a better user experience as we speak.

Thanks Eric - a FAQ/Knowledge Base would be very helpful.

Sneak peek to let you know I’m not BS’ing you :slight_smile:

@anon14959390 has been working hard on it: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/home

Again, very early stages, but the goal is to house everything for you guys. The problem with our current site is there’s nowhere to search for the information you need and you have to come to the community (which also isn’t organized that well – we’re getting there lol).

We’ll house all the PDF’s on each product page.

Here’s the Red Series ST one for reference: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/kb/articles/dimmer-switch (again, we’re just starting this so bear with us).

EDIT: Do not submit a support ticket here as we are not checking this yet (as of 02/19/20). Please also do not create an account yet. We’ll roll it out when we’re ready.

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:ok_hand: This is great!

I just received an email to sign up on the support site. Is this expected? (I asked for a follow up on a ticket and the response was to sign up to see the status).