3-Way Wiring with Inovelli Red On/Off and GE/Jasco Smart Switch 26931 - possible?

Is it possible to wire an Inovelli Red LZW30-SN with a GE/Jasco Enbrighten Smart Motion Switch 26931 in a three-way configuration?

If so, anything special required to make this work? The goal end-state here would be the power consumption information from the LZW30-SN + the motion capabilities of the other smart switch to power the light on/off.

I’ve got an LZW30-SN on a three way circuit that’s been nothing but trouble. It was originally hooked up to a dumb switch and worked for a few months and starting giving me some issues where it would only turn on/off with the dumb switch in one position. And then work again great for months and then would no longer actually turn on/off the actual lights. Pulling the airgap would sometimes work to reset it, but lately it just has not resolved itself. I then tried a GE/Jasco AUX switch and it resolved itself for a few days, then the issue returned. I’ve now been working with Inovelli support on a replacement (which is hard due to supplies and refurbs), so I’m now exploring other options, including trying a smart switch as the alternative end point.

If by “wire” you mean connecting the two switches via conductors to obtain interoperability, no you can’t. The LZW30-SN is only designed to work with dumb switches and specified Aux switches. The Jasco 26931 is not one of those.

However, you could send a hot and neutral to the Jasco so that it will power up, and then try to get the two switches to communicate via Zwave Association. Not sure about the Jasco’s association capabilities, but it’s something you could explore.

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Or use motion from the Jasco to trigger a rule based on motion detection. You may just want to buy the Linus switch.

UPDATED response - you can use two smart switches, but there are limitations. So, I’m still curious if anyone has successfully configured a 3 way with this other smart switch instead of just two inovellis.