4-1 Sensors not Turning ON/OFF switches via Group 2 in SmartThings


First off, never used a forum before, so I apologize for anything I didn’t do right…
Second, I love the Inovelli products I have gotten so far and how customizable they are. It hurts my head just trying to use a few of their options. Huge respect for what this tiny team has done so far.

I have some LZW60 sensors and LZW31-SN dimmer switches on a SmartThings Gen 3 Hub. I am following the instructions on how to use the Z-Wave Association Tool to associate the sensor to a switch and I cannot get it to work.

After all the reading, I want to think it is a security mismatch:

LZW60 has: networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_UNAUTHENTICATED
LZW31-SN has: networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_AUTHENTICATED

But I do not know how to fix it. I have read that it was a known issue back in Aug 2020, but I could not find a solution. How do I get these sensors to turn on lights via association? All 5 sensors and 10 dimmers can’t be bad…

In the tool: Source Motion Sensor / Destination Switch / Group 2
I have included all 5 sensors, even a few right next to the hub, and have never gotten anything other than ZWAVE_S2_UNAUTHENTICATED
I’ve powered the sensor with included 100% battery and w/ USB cable using 1a and 2.1a

What other troubleshooting steps am I missing?

You are right. The security levels must match. I don’t know if you can pair the switch in S2 unauthenticated. You may need to do insecure for both switch and sensor.

Welcome! I agree with stu that this is definitely security related.

Did you scan the QR code on the 60? Perhaps you can upgrade to S2_authenticated on both! If I remember correctly, if you go through the normal pairing on the switch but don’t scan the QR code, you will get S2_unauthenticated.

I agree with the above regarding the security levels not matching. The problem w/ST is that you may have difficulty in getting them to pair at the same level.

But a more basic question is what are you trying to accomplish? I’m guessing it’s probably turning on the switch via motion. Is there some reason you’re not using an automation or 3rd party engine like webCore or Rule Engine. Too slow, maybe?

Sorry, I forgot to mention when trying to pair the sensor with just scan near by, it still requires the QR code to add, otherwise it fails to add. So I don’t know how to add the sensor unsecure.

Yes, they are slow when using automation or webcore. When down the association path to try to increase there speed to respond.

I have used the SmartThings motion sensor and the aeotec trisensor (one even doing a piston with many steps) and they both seem to respond faster. Should I not expect these to respond as fast?

Unfortunately with SmartThings you are stuck with whatever security level it pairs at. Inovelli did tweak the firmware on the Illumin bulb to allow it to pair unsecure, but afaik, there aren’t current plans to extend that functionality to other devices.

I don’t know if it’s fair to compare response times of cloud reliant devices or not, tbh.

If I skip the QR code with the lightswitchs, I get “ZWAVE_S2_FAILED”, which is what I read the tweak done to the bulbs did. I don’t see how to get SmartThings to do the same for the sensors.

Another things I have seen is in the IDE. When I use the Z-Wave Association Tool to get dimmers to send commands to another dimmer, it will show:

  • associationGroup2: [#]
  • associationGroup3: []
  • associationGroup4: [#]

But the sensor (and even the switch associated to it) will show:

Data * associationGroup1: [01]

  • associationGroup2: []

This makes me think the tool is not even setting up the sensor correctly.

Has anyone set this up successfully in SmartThings in the first place?

Is there different steps I should be taking to improve the speed of these motion sensors?