4-in-1 sensor continuously detects motion, drains battery fast

  • battery : 13
  • humidity : 51
  • illuminance : 36
  • motion : active
  • temperature : 78.2

I got three of these today and installed them. Two of them work as expected. One of them has been detecting activity continuously and has drained to 13% battery in the last 6 hours.

Haven’t installed mine yet but this raises the question of where you’ve got this one set up and would you expect motion regularly? Can it point outside and see through a window or pets/kids, etc constantly going by?

I had a different motion sensor set up in a hallway and found that drained it very fast and isn’t a feasible location at all unless it was hardwired for power.

I had something similar happen with one of my sensors, but after a factory reset (hold the button down for about 5 seconds) and re-inclusion, it started working as expected and I havent had any issues since.

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