4 in 1 Sensor getting slow to respond

Recently my sensor doesn’t respond very quickly, sometimes taking many seconds to see motion and sometimes not at all. I’m fairly sure it’s the sensor because the light doesn’t even light up when it doesnt work. Hubitat turns the light on the instant i get a red light so communication is good, but it takes a while to see the red light. I’m using this for a bathroom light so it’s maybe 3 feet away from the action. It’s running 2.05 firmware and it’s plugged into ac power. I also set the sensitify to 10 in the driver. Any ideas?

I haven’t seen this with my sensors, but first thing I would try is to unplug and then replug them. Have you tried that?

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No that doesn’t help. This morning I tried rolling back the firmware to 2.4. The problem might have started around the time I updated to 2.5. It’s progressively getting worse tho. I can wave my hand in front of the thing and it might take 5 or 6 seconds to respond. On a good day, its at least 2. The sensor locked up after the update and I had to go to work. Tonight I’ll try excluding, defaulting and re-adding. It’s kind of frustrating tho. We use it at the bathroom sink and I’ve lost count of how many times its shut the light off while we’re standing in front of it.

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Seems better since I rolled back to the previous firmware. So maybe there’s an issue there? Or mine went south. Either way I’ll leave it alone. Its still slow compared to my zigbee sensors, but it’s working as good as it used to.