4-in-1 Sensor Spotted

Spotted on amazon:


Lol, dang you guys are good! We’re still building the page :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting!

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Is this 700 series chip?

@Eric_Inovelli We promise to keep you on your toes :smiley:

What’s the motion response time on these guys? Anything like the Zooz 4 in 1 sensors? I wouldn’t mind upgrading some of my motion only sensors, but fast response times are important for motion based lighting.

Great question. The zooz 4 in 1 was a disappointment. I was hoping to use it for humidity monitoring but it only relays periodically. I think documentation claimed every 60 seconds but it would go minutes and would often turn on the bathroom vent 10 minutes after a shower.

Just a note on marketing image-- it’s “adhere”


I have an unopened sensor sitting in my basement that I was about to use for this purpose…I guess I will be returning it which is unfortunate. Glad I didn’t go through the effort of getting it setup just to be frustrated by it though.

The Zooz has adjustable humidity reporting and sensitivity (as will the inovelli). I have my humidity settings on the Zooz set to the most sensitive and it works perfect. Turns on the fan a minute or two into a shower.

Just saw it in person…it’s awesome!


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Hey that’s awesome I’m glad it’s worked well for you. I Don’t wish that frustration on anyone. Sadly it seems somewhat common with the zooz https://www.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/c4qpcy/zooz_zse40_4in1_sensors_dont_report_changes/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body. I’ve had much better luck with the xiaomi humidity sensor. It’s zigbee but it reports changes quick.

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I’m looking forward to replacing some of my current temperature/humidity/motion sensors:

Any idea on the expected battery life?