4-Way Configuration Help - Red Series 2-1 Switch

I am in the US and I have a similar question about my wiring setup and whether a LZW30 On/Off switch is compatible while keeping my dumb switches. But I’m not confident I’ve properly understood which configuration I have given the 3 switches related to my light fixture, so I’m uploading photos:

  1. Load & Line (Same box?)

  1. Dumb 2nd switch with 2 black & 2 red wires, no neutral connected (at the moment, though one is capped in the box)

  1. Dumb switch closest to fixture, as I understand (which also has neutral wires capped in the box):

If I’m accepting of the paddles not always matching the light state, is my Black Series On/Off switch compatible in this 4-way configuration?

I have a voltage tester, which I can use to help guide/troubleshoot but I am struggling to maintain power to the Inovelli switch when operating the other (dumb) paddles. Any help is very much appreciated!

Pictures of the switches are helpful, but we need to see into the boxes as well, at least the two end boxes.

Put the dumb switch back and ensure it’s operational and then post some pics looking into the boxes. Just the two on the ends. Need to see clearly to the back of the box to trace individual conductors.