4 way issue with light turning back on - on its own

Been having an issue for about a month. The Inovelli is the first switch, the 4 way is in the center, and another 3 way. If the center and last are off and we turn off the inovelli, the light comes back on after about 2 seconds. If I turn the other 3 way on, and then turn off the inovelli, the light goes off and stays off.


  1. Is this a dimmer or a switch? If a dimmer is it a Red or Black version?
  2. Is this a “Neutral connected” or “No Neutral” Installation?
  3. What type and wattage lights are you powering?

In such cases, the “devil is in the details” :slight_smile:


1: Switch - Red
2: Neutral is connected
3: There is two 17.5 Watt LED bulbs in the fixture.

Clearly this shouldn’t happen :frowning: And with the neutral connected, the load should not make a difference. So basically I don’t have an answer. BTW how long was it working before this problem started?

I would however suggest you put an incandescent bulb in your fixture (as a test). If it solves the problem then I would assume the switch is bad or at least not compatible. If it doesn’t the switch could still be bad but it would not be as clear why.

Why would I consider the LED bulbs be incompatible when it was working previously. If they were on the edge of working and now some slight characteristic has changed.