4 way (kinda 5 way) lzw31 gen 2

Got mess where I finally traced almost everything back. Finally bought a detector to map all of the travellers.

  • Box 1 (line and traveller set 1)

  • Under smoke detector (traveller set 1, traveller set 2, load, random traveller - likely wired smoke detector)

  • Box 2 (traveller set 2, traveller set 3)

  • Box 3(traveller set 3)

Planning to use GE Enbrighten 46199 in box 2 & 3

Lzw31-sn red series dimmer in box 1

Suggestions on mapping wires, especially for traveller/load under smoke detector?

A little lost on the random traveler. Had an electrician in a while ago to help me out with this. May have made it worse. It was disconnected. Will need to go into the attic to try to figure it out.

You are going to need to explain more clearly or better yet, diagram this.

For example, do you have Romex or other conductors? If you have Romex, it’s easier to describe and understand. If you don’t have Romex, then we have to struggle with individual conductors. I’ll presume you have Romex for now.

in Box 1, you have a line . . got that. Is there a 3-wire running from Box 1 to the Smoke Detector box? (Just describe the wiring you have. i.e. “Traveler set” doesn’t describe the number of conductors running between the boxes.

Is there a 3-wire running from Box 2 to Box 3?

What type of switches are in the box?

What are the connections at the smoke detector box? I have no idea what the random traveler is that you reference.

Here’s a rough diagram. Hope this helps more.

Box 1

  • Load (B/W)
  • Traveller Romex 1 (B/W/R) - Running to Ceiling Box

Ceiling Box

  • Traveller Romex 1 (B/W/R) - From Box 1
  • Load (B/W) to recessed ceiling lights
  • Traveller Romex 2 (B/W/R) - To Box 2
  • Traveller Romex? (B/W/R) - All three were capped separately. Not sure what those are for - used to be a wired smoke detector there.

Box 2

  • Traveller Romex 2 (B/W/R) - From Ceiling Box
  • Traveller Romex 3 (B/W/R) - To Box 3

Box 3

  • Traveller Romex 3 (B/W/R) - From Box 2

Ok, thanks. Much clearer.

So see if this makes sense. If need be I can diagram.

You are basically going to use this drawing for an understanding of what you’re doing, but it’s going to be modified to account for the ceiling box:


The Inovelli goes in Box 1. The incoming hot and neutral on the 2-wire go to the Line and Neutral terminals on the dimmer.

For the 3-wire going to the Ceiling box, you will be doing 2 things, sending a neutral and traveler for the Auxs and sending the load. So still in Box 1, connect the black of the 3-wire to the Load on the Inovelli. Connect the white to the Neutral on the Inovelli and the red to the Traveler on the Inovelli.

So now in the ceiling box, you have a Load, Traveler and Neutral coming in on the 3-wire from Box 1. Connect the black on the incoming 3-wire to the black on the 2-wire Load Romex. Pigtail the white on the incoming 3-wire with the white on the Load Romex and the white on the outgoing 3-wire. Connect the two reds together. You won’t be using the black on the outgoing 3-wire, so cap it off. So what you did here is send the switched hot to the load w/neutral and passed a neutral and traveler to the next box for the Aux.

In the next 2 boxes, 2 and 3, connect the red to the Traveler and the white to the Neutral. You won’t be using the black conductor here, so cap it off.

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Thanks @Bry . Almost there.

I switched config settings 21 (Neutral) and 22 (3-way toggle) on, and the aux switches are now responding from Box 2 & 3. When I go back to Box 1 though, the inovelli isn’t responding. The aux switches also work the same on both sides (press up on, press up off) Is there another config setting i need to look at to get everything working right?

Much appreciated.

Are you on SmartThings? Aux switches should be set to 3-way Momentary. That’s parameter 22 to a value of 2.

Actually, i’m on Hubitat.

I’m on ST, so not familiar with Hubitat. It should still be set to “2”. (SmartThings’ app uses a description for the setting, not the value . . not sure about Hubitat.)


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Pulled the airgap on the inovelli. Looks like it’s working now. Saved the day, thanks! Very high WAF now, since this was the laundryroom/garage entrance.

Now to move onto re-establishing the motion/sensor rules.