4-way / line in 'middle' / load at end - is it possible?

Box 1:
14/3 (to box 2)
14/3 (to box 1)
14/3 (to box 3)
14/2 (from breaker)
14/3 (to box 2)
14/2 (to load)

Is it possible to power this with a Red On/Off Switch?

I’m thinking it’s not possible since the only place the on/off could go is in Box 2 since it’s the only box w/ constant hot/neutral, but the 4-way has to go there.

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Yes, if you use aux switches you should be able to put the Red in either box 2 or 3.

To clarify, I’d prefer not to buy something new. I have dumb 3-way and 4-way switches available.

I understood that. The answer I gave was the only ways it can be done unless you put dimmers in all 3 locations and associate them.