4-way no neutral, smart bulbs

Dear electricity gods,

I do have a 4-way installation with load separated from line. I am wondering how to wire all this to use the smart bulbs (see appendix for why I would love it)

The original set up is:

In all the diagrams I omitted earth and gray is the white wire.
Note that there are only 2 wires in the bundles, with no red ones.

This is what I currently have and that is working great with dumb lights.

And this is my proposal to enable smart light mode:

I do have several questions:

  • Will the proposed option with 2 smart switches work if I configure one of them in smart bulb mode?
  • Is there a wiring option where I can use Aux switches instead of the dumb ones for the 4 way switches?

Why do I want smart bulbs? The lights are spread across two floors, and is the main source of light for the house. However at night I want to modulate the intensity of each light separately. For instance I want the light in front of my daughter’s room to be dimmed or even turned off while the living room is at full brightness. I would love to have a motion detector upstairs that controls the light as well. And I would love to have smart + aux switched everywhere to be able to switch between scenes.