4-way non-neutral aux switches won't turn off flickering light

Main switch model#: Black Series Dimmer (LZW31)
2x Aux switches: GE Enbrighten Add-on 47188 (AS2005)
Configuration: 4-way non-neutral (1 main, 2 aux)
Hub: Home Assistant w/ Z-Wave JS

Original Wiring:

note: the bottom two wires on the “side door” switch go to a dead outlet, those can be ignored

New smart switch / aux switch wiring:

I have parameter:
21 (AC Power Type) set to 0 (no-neutral)
22 (switch type) set to 2 (aux switch)
(i’ve set these both manually at the switch and through home assistant as well as forcing HA to re-interview and manually ‘get’ params 21 and 22 to ensure it actually took)
I also changed param 1 (dimming speed) to 0 seconds

firmware version / zwave chip firmware is reporting as [“1.35”,“1.34”]

The Inovelli switch buzzes when the lights are on and the lights flicker quickly, one of the lights will sometimes dimly flicker even with the switch off. The Aux switches will only turn the lights on, the down button does nothing. The main switch was originally allowing me to turn the lights both on and off but now will only turn the lights on. Home Assistant will turn the lights both on or off. In reading through similar issues, folks have reported setting the AC power parameter of their their non-neutral setup to “neutral” anyways, I’ve tried this and it changes nothing. Folks have also mentioned setting the maximum dimming parameter lower, I’ve tried 80,75,70,60,55. none of these limits seem to reduce the brightness in the ‘on’ state and none of them change the flickering.

Any ideas on other things I can try here? Anyone see an obvious issue in my wiring diagrams that I’m spacing on? Thank you!

I’d start troubleshooting by setting this up as a 2-way first. At the primary Inovelli box, remove the black line and the red traveler from the Inovelli for the time being. Reset the parameters for a non-neutral 2-way, or better yet, factory reset the switch (long press config until red LED). This way the Auxs are out of the equation for now.

What are the load bulbs?

You might need a bypass.

The biggest thing that jumps out at me is that 1.35 is the original production firmware. (Not sure where 1.34 is coming from.) There were a number of bug fixes on that dimmer. I’d get it upgraded to 1.57 or 1.61 as part of the troubleshooting.

HA just gave me a firmware popup about 1.57 being available as well. I’ll push that first and then set this thing up as a 2-way. Thank you for the plan!

The loads are 8x 9w LED bulbs (I can try to swap a couple of these out for incandescent bulbs if I can find some old ones just to eliminate another variable)

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Sorry for the huge delay, holidays set my testing back more than expected. I moved the switch to a 2-way configuration which resulted in the same behaviors, lots of flickering and inability to turn the lights off (other than airgap pull and reboot). Noticed that the light at the top of the stairs (this is in a garage with several lights, I thought they were all LEDs) was actually a CFL and was flickering badly with the switch off (makes sense, the switch is vampiring power in non-neutral). Replaced that CFL with an incandescent and it’s behaving much better. I find it strange how much more wattage the Black series dimmer requires than the Red series dimmer to behave properly in my situation here but maybe that’s not common.

Anyways, now my Inovelli switch turns the lights on or off, HA turns the lights on or off, and the Aux switches will turn the lights ON but not OFF. I’ve updated to 1.57 but that has not changed the switch behavior. I can try the Neutral setting and max brightness limit settings again with this new setup, anything else to try here? Thanks again.