4-Way Setup, No Neutral... and a 20 amp breaker!

So… I recently bought a Gen 2 Red Switch (on/off) to throw in some barn lights for automation. I wanted to use this switch because I wanted it to work with my dumb switches. After peeling off tyhe light switches though I found there’s no neutral in the box. (In combination, there’s different circuits to different lights.

So, I just have to get some confirmation on some things before I go and buy the rest of the stuff.

  1. With no neutral, and a 4-way setup, I’ll need a No neutral switch, only thing looks like is I’ll have to have a dimmer option. (Which is fine, just don’t need it to dim.)
  2. I’ll need add-on switches for the other 2 switches.
  3. This is running about 10-15 lights, however I’m going to swap them all out for 100w LED (So that’s somewhere around 15w per bulb if I recall correctly.) However, I noticed the circuit breaker is 20 amp. Am I still able to do this with a 20amp breaker?

Just double-checking . . you checked BOTH 3-way switch boxes for a neutral, right?

When you say “different circuits to different lights” do you mean they are on different breakers?

That’s correct. You can use the Smart Bulb mode to get it to always provide full power.


First, the Inovelli will have to go in a box where it will fit with ALL of the tabs in place, as you’re approaching the LED wattage limit of the switch.

You will have to get an answer from Inovelli about use on a 20A circuit. I have not seen the dimmer’s amperage rating published. The NEC requires the use of a device rated for the full capacity of the circuit i.e. 20A. Of course, unless a 20A circuit is required by code, you could drop it to 15A, load permitting.

Hi Bry, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I checked all 3 boxes. There was no common bundle that I could see.

Sorry, I stated that terribly. The two switches in the 2-gang box run off different circuit breakers.

Yeah, that was the biggest part of my question, couldn’t find a direct answer. I’ll have to see if I can get an electrician out to double check that portion. My assumption was that 20AMP was use because… why not? If you needed to run 10-15 lights outside, at what 60-75watts would add up really quick. So, maybe that’s why they went to 20AMPs. I’m not sure though, pretty much they only used 20AMP circuits in our barn (it’s a BIG panel, bigger than my house’ actually.)