4 Way Switch Setup Issues

I have rear flood lights that have a 4 way setup. I changed out the initial switch with a Red On/Off Dimmer.

After the initial install, the light worked, but the remaining dumb switches acted like dumb switches. I installed one AUX switch and NONE of the switches worked at all. I assumed and verified there isn’t a wiring setup for smart / aux / dumb in one wiring.*

I replaced the remaining 3 switches with aux switches. In each instance I took the line and load and tied them together, took the traveller and put it in the traveler and tied into the neutral. After installing all the AUX switches, the main RED switch works to controll the light, but the remaining AUX switches have no control.

I have set the main switch to Multi-way with aux switch - is there something I have to do with the AUX switches to set them? I assume the wiring is done correctly if the main switch will control the light.

Any ideas on what is next or what to troubleshoot?

It may be how you are explaining things, but it does not sound as if you’ve wired it correctly. Let’s start with this:

  • Is this a neutral installation? i.e. do you have an originating hot/neutral in the box with the Inovelli?

  • Or is it a non-neutral?

  • If it’s a neutral, is the load i.e the hot and neutral going to the light in the same box as the Inovelli?

You posted a separate thread on this before. Same lights??

A) yes this is a second post after the first. First one was after I installed 1 or the 3 4 way switches.

B) this is a neutral install, although I don’t know that the neutral in the boxes is the exact same as goes to the light, I thought I could connect to any neutral.

Is the answer that the neutral I tie into has to be the neutral from the line or load? If there is no neutral specifically from the line or load, does that mean it’s a non neutral installation?

I thought the need for for a neutral was so that the switch could have power.

Got it. I’m going to assume this is a line and load in the same box, since you didn’t answer that question. You should refer to the Inovelli wiring diagram below, but here is what you need to do. I’m also presuming you are using Romex. If you’re not, adapt accordingly.

At the Inovelli box where the hot/neutral i.e. line originates and the 2 conductor going to the light leaves the box, you also have a 3-wire in the box that goes to the next switch. Cap off the black, as it won’t be used. Connect the red to the Inovelli traveler terminal and the white to the Inovelli neutral terminal.

At the next Aux box you will have two 3-wires. One is coming from the Inovelli box and the other goes to the last Aux box. Cap off the blacks as they are not used. Connect the two reds to the Aux traveler terminal. Connect the two whites to the Aux neutral terminal.

At the last Aux box, cap off the black as it is not used. Red to traveler and white to neutral.

Yes, the neutral should come from the Inovelli switch on one of the 3-wire conductors, as I described above.


Older homes don’t always have a neutral at the switch box, requiring a non-neutral installation. There are wiring ways around this limitation, but they are not always ideal, so the switch was designed to work without a neutral in the box.

Inovelli wiring diagrams can be found here. It is best to review them BEFORE starting a wiring project: