4-Way Wiring - Red Series Switch - Alternate Wiring Question

Hello All,

We could use a little help with a 4-way switch setup that isn’t currently covered in any of the installation documentation provided by Inovelli or other smart switch sites.

We’re setting up a new installation, and we decided to go with Inovelli red series dimmers throughout the home. We have an existing 4-way light-switch setup in the kitchen where we’d like to incorporate one of the red series dimmers. Attached, is an illustration of what we’re trying to do (without the wiring, of course) and we’d love some guidance or recommendations on how these switches and lighting should be wired together.

Thanks in advance to anybody that might have the info we need.

Unfortunately the Inovelli switches don’t have the ability to act as a 4-way switch, only a 3-way switch.

I’m not positive but Aux switches may do the trick if you have 4 wires between the smart dimmer and what would become an Aux switch near the lamp.

@RutkowskiS, Agree with @JohnRob, this probably could be completed with add on switches. How is the current configuration actually wired?

GE aux switches require a neutral. If the one spot does not have a neutral, you’ll have to keep with the dumb switches.

Thank you, everyone, with your help. We’ve decided to try out a configuration using the smart switch and a couple of “AUX/Add-On” switches. And thanks, @harjms, for the heads-up about neutrals being required for GE brand AUX switches. That would have likely caused us some head-scratching if we ended up using them.

@Ma2J, the current configuration is using 1ea 4-way dumb switch, and 2ea 3-way dumb switches. The power enters the switching circuit at the 4-way switch The two 3-way switches are on either side of the 4-way switch, and the load (a few can-lights) is connected to the other end of one of the 3-ways.

Yes but… The Aux switch only requires two wires. If you don’t have two wires going to the remote switch location you are out of luck for any configuration.

Sorry, not trying to be a noodge. But could you show me a wiring diagram of how everything is wired currently? I’m pretty sure I could guess… But you know I’ll probably guess wrong :grinning:

I’ve never seen a 14-1 cable…

14-1? Precisely why I’m asking for an actual wiring diagram. I can’t see how the 3-way to the right (in the above picture) will work without 3-wires. Two travelers and a common. Too many blanks to be filled in before making any suggestions.