5 way installation Red Series 2-1 Neutral setup

Can anyone suggest proper connections for this 5 way installation. Inovelli Red series 2-1 with 3 GE enbrighten Aux switches. Load and power source is in one box. Romex 14-3 are on both side of this box as shown.


Start by setting this up as a two-way in the primary box. Connect the hot and a neutral from the 2-wire do the hot and neutral terminals on the Inovelli. Connect the black load line from the 2-wire load to the load terminal on the Inovelli, and the white neutral to the second neutral terminal on the Inovelli.

Just to make sure it is working properly with the Inovelli alone. By default, it is configured as a two-way, so you should not have to adjust that setting.

Once that is working properly you can add the Aux switches. In the neutral configuration that you have, the Aux needs a traveler and a neutral.

In the main box connect the two red conductors from the 3-wires to the traveler terminal on the Inovelli.

Create a white pigtail for the neutral. Remove the white conductors from the neutral terminal of the Inovelli. Bundle the white pigtail, the neutrals from the line and the load and the two white conductors from the 3-wires. Connect the pigtail to the neutral terminal of the Inovelli.

At the two adjacent Aux boxes, connect the red to the traveler terminal and the white to the neutral terminal. For the box that has another downstream, either connect the red and white to the second hole (can’t remember if the GE has one) or use a pigtail. You now have a traveler and a neutral connected to each of the Aux switches.

Connect the bare grounds at each location to the ground terminal of the switch. Only one ground conductor for a switch, pigtailed if required.

Use a cap on the black conductor on the 3-wires at each location, as this conductor is not used.

Go into the dimmers settings and change the type to three-way momentary.


Thanks a lot for quick suggestion. It worked flawlessly.