5x Inovelli Blue 2-1 Switches - 20240206

I have 10 repaired Inovelli Blues for sale. Info on the issue\repair can be found here.

I have half a dozen repaired switches running in my house without issue.

I have 5 repaired switche for sale 20240206 - $155 shipped in the US.

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Hi @MIkeD , what firmware versions are these running?

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@johnconstantelo 2.00 but I can update to 2.08 if you’d like.

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@MIkeD I’ll take all 10 if they’re still available.

I have 20 more I just repaired.

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Is this the same price or discounted because repaired?

They have all been repaired. Discounted because I want to get rid of them. I have 10 repaired switches in my house and have shipped over 100 to customers.

Ok so how much for 10? How much for 5?

5x for $160 shipped
10x for $310 shipped

That’s less then $30 a switch since shipping is going to be between $10-$20.

I still have these. Throw me an offer.

I’d do $150 for 5 shipped (USA), if that’s something you’d want to do.

I have 5 repaired switches for sale.

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