A19/E26 as Workaround for LZW36 Fan/Light Issues with Hubitat

Hi All,

My wife and I are trying to figure out a workaround for our malfunctioning LZW36 switch while we wait for the replacement to launch next year. We have a free-standing lamp in a room. Has anyone tried/are we able to use our Hubitat to connect an A19/E26 RGBW Smart Bulb to our LZW36 switch? Basically, have the switch operate the bulb, even when the switch won’t correctly communicate with the fan or fan-light?

We are relatively new to home automation/smart technology, so please let me know if there’s any additional information I can provide!

You ought to be able to use the multitap capability of the LZW36 as a trigger for automations within Hubitat. So you can use, for example, a double tap of one of the switches as the trigger for an automatio within Hubitat to turn on or off your RGBW smart bulb.

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Sounds like you’re looking for something along the lines of this.

I have one that would occasionally have the disconnect issue. I also wanted to add tunable white bulbs for circadian lighting. This is the solution I used and it works great. I ultimately had to ditch the cheap Costco bulbs because they would frequently disconnect from WiFi and went with some Ikea zigbee bulbs in their place.

If you need more details on how to do it, just let me know and I’ll try to walk you through it. I use HA but it should be easily accomplished on HE as well.