Announcement | rgbw bulbs open for pre-order


Time for a dumb question, since I didn’t see it addressed when I skimmed through the docs. Is the LZW42 rated for use in an enclosed indoor fixture, such as a ceiling fan or glass ceiling light globe???

Ha, not a dumb question at all! No, they are not rated for being in an enclosed fixture :frowning:

I know many that do have this setup, but we can’t officially recommend or promote it.

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Us poor Canadians? (-:

I figured as much. :frowning:

I have three in an open bathroom vanity fixture, but was thinking of ordering a few more for ceiling fan globes so that I had the option of switching to red light at night to help my night vision. Since I’m not the type of person who would make a warranty claim after knowingly abusing a product, I’ll just stick with my current white LED bulbs that are rated for use in an enclosed fixture…

Glad you’re not . .

. . . but I’m shocked! Would someone actually do that???

Oh, like . . 70% of my switches are not working due to . . .

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I have 4 of them outdoors (in Michigan year-round) in an enclosed fixture and never once had an issue with them! Almost 2 years now.

But of course I would never suggest someone violate a warning or warranty policy! Haha!


I couldn’t work for one hour in the Inovelli return department!

A few years ago, I was doing a DIY central air installation and needed a refrigeration vacuum pump. Off to the Great Ferengi Material Continuum (Amazon) to buy one, and a better one at that from a reputable manufacturer at that rather than some Chinese-brand.

When I opened the box, someone had already poured the included bottle of vacuum oil into the pump’s crankcase. Looking at the condition, it was obviously used more than a few times before being boxed up and returned for a refund. The power cord was chewed up to the point where I wouldn’t even plug it in! Long story short, I wrote off that $125 and wound up having to buy a used one in an emergency from Craigslist to finish the project.

Occasionally using a red light isn’t worth $60+ for me to find out if the LZW42’s will survive in a fixture where white Cree LED bulbs have already failed in only a few months. I’m already rolling the dice on the open-box specials in our humid bathroom vanity sockets…

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I’m with you there!!! Every once in a while you see posts here with the ludicrous claims (70% of my switches broke . . really!!!), but I’d imagine those are just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t begin to imagine what they must see at Inovelli!

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No comment here… all of our customers are the best :wink:

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I remember a frustrated post about Amazon returns here a few months ago, and have heard horror stories from other small businesses about rocks being returned in product boxes for a refund in place of the [missing] product.

When I was down in South Carolina at our new property a few months ago, we went to a crazy store that liquidates Amazon and other vendor/store’s surplus and returns. Amazon did not even bother to un-box most of the returns. They still had the return labels on the shipping boxes, and you bought it sight-unseen for the fixed price of the day as a gamble for what was inside. On the surplus front, there were wheelie bins full of “genuine” Apple accessories like wired ear buds and adapter cables in that week’s shipment. They drop the fixed price every day, and apparently dumpster what doesn’t sell by the end of the week…

I just don’t understand why people do this. Like, what goes through your head as you are stealing something? I can understand if it’s food and you are starving (still not ok, but I can at least understand it) but if you’re stealing something on Amazon, it’s not a life/death situation.

Zero empathy for anyone else and pure entitlement.

I’m likely just salty bc of the people who stole $175k worth of products from us and then resold it and there was nothing we could do about it bc all the local/federal agencies said, “it’s just not worth our time – sorry”.

Ok, I better stop otherwise @Courtney_Inovelli is going to get her muzzle out and put it on me.


I believe that many of them (uneducated masses) do not understand the business logistics, and think that they are stealing directly from that evil billionaire Jeff Bezos. Why does he have billions of dollars and throw away cash on his phallic-shaped rocket flight, while paying his employees a pittance to toil away in his mines, er, I mean warehouses? So, that makes it perfectly acceptable in their minds to order a new vacuum pump, put their old/broken one in the box, and return it for a refund to stick it to the billionaire.

I know for a fact that there is also a movement against big-box home improvement stores. People actually go into the hardware aisles and intentionally mix up the fastener bins, under the misguided belief that these stores put local hardware stores out of business so let’s “screw” them over by making their shelves useless for finding products. There is so much phantom inventory in our area’s orange and blue stores, because it is in the wrong bin somewhere else in the store.

I couldn’t sleep at night if I even thought about doing anything like this…

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It really is insane! We get returns all the time with other brands switches (zooz, GE, Lutron) inside the box. I follow along with a lot of threads on the Amazon services seller forums and it happens to every single seller there. Very disheartening and Amazon makes sure there is nothing the seller can ever do on their end to fight the buyer in any sort of way.


What’s the difference between these bulbs and the previous RGBW Z-Wave bulbs?

I don’t believe there is any difference, this is simply a restock based on us crazy people asking for more. That said, they may have a slightly newer firmware with support for non-secure pairing. Granted you can update the existing bulbs as well.

The only change is that we added two inclusion methods (non-secure and S0).

We will be utilizing the beta firmware located here: Firmware v2.31 (Beta) | LZW42 | RGBW Bulb

no intention to add the ability to create notifications with the bulbs just like the red switches? :grimacing:

The intention was definitely there, but the manufacturer claims there wasn’t enough space :frowning:

oh I see… I thought it was only a device handler away :disappointed: