Any way to put switch here?

This image approximates my wiring situation in one room. My goal is to replace switch “A” with a gen2 Inovelli Blue 2-1. Is it possible to run this way, or do I really need to put the inovelli at switch “C”?

I am open to no-neutral/aux-required configurations

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I think you can do with with aux switches.

You should be able to get your blue into box A using aux switches in boxes b and c. Use your black wire to send line from c → b - a and then use the red wire as your traveler for the two aux switches. The aux switch needs only the traveler and neutral wires so it’ll work fine. If you want dumb switches you’ll need to run more romex, not recommended and imo aux switches are an improvement on dumb switches anyways.

thanks folks. Yeah I’m not opposed to aux switches, they’re just a purchase vs in-wall already, so I wouldn’t bother unless necessary. I’ll pick up a handful and see if I can get it done.

Edit- “Use the red wire as the traveler for the two aux switches”- does that mean box B bridges both red wires on the traveler terminal?

Your concept is correct, but in this case the Aux needs a HOT for the neutral terminal, because this is a non-neutral config. But as you said, you pass the black hot to each box, and that hot goes to the neutral terminal of the Auxs and the line terminal of the Inovelli in “A”.

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Unfortunately, you are stuck with a non-neutral here since power originates at the box, so Aux is the only solution w/o pulling more wire.

Yep. B will have two reds on the traveler terminal. A and C will have one red on the traveler terminal.