Anyone Know How to Easily Sync Parameters Across Multiple Switches?

I have a bunch of Red 2-1 switches and I’m using Home Assistant with ZWave JS UI. I also use Node Red, but the nodes I use haven’t been updated for the new Red 2-1.

While it is great that you can configure the parameters from the Device page in HA now (so much better than the clunky ZWave UI), I’m wondering if there is a blueprint or method to set a bunch of parameter values and then push them out to multiple switches all at once?

For example, I have two switches on either side of the bed that control separate lights, but I want all their dimming speeds and ramp rates and minimum levels ect to be the same so when I operate them from a third “master” switch via ZWave association they are in sync.

Another use case is for changing parameters as a function of time of day and being able to efficiently push out the changes to a bunch of switches.

@rohan you have any ideas, your blueprint for button presses is phenomenal!

I can’t take credit for this one, but there’s a blueprint here that sets the led color via multicast: Home Assistant - Blueprint to Change Multiple Switch LED Colors Simultaneously

You could follow the same approach and make a list of all the params you want to set there.

I’m glad you find the blueprint for scene controls helpful!

Since HA exposes all settings as entities for the device, you could just use the dev tools to call the correct service and set all the entities to the same.

Something like

Setting Entities
service: number.set_value
  value: "165"
    - number.entrance_light_switch_ledcolorwhenoff
    - number.entrance_light_switch_ledcolorwhenon
    - number.office_light_switch_ledcolorwhenoff
    - number.office_light_switch_ledcolorwhenon
    - number.entrance_chandelier_ledcolorwhenoff
    - number.entrance_chandelier_ledcolorwhenon
alias: Blue Series Switches

Or you could do parameters

service: zwave_js.multicast_set_value
  property: "13"
  value: 165
  command_class: "112"
    - light.closet_light
    - light.master_bathroom_light
    - light.hallway_light
    - light.bathroom_light
    - light.breakfast_bar_lights