ATTN friends in CANADA!

We heard you loud and clear and have been working hard the last few days.

Bulbs have passed IC certification!

With that being said, we are opening them and the bulbs and the 4 packs for sale.

Speaking of the 4 packs, we have discounted them to $139.88 US. That’s only $34.97 per Red Series Dimmer and you’ll still get the RGBW bulbs for free.


Ordered! I dont really need the bulds but for the same price as amazon, I’ll try to find a use

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Great news and great timing. Thanks as well for answering during Christmas. That’s not expected or required.
Please ensure your shipments do not use UPS as their brokerage fees crush us in Canada. USPS is good though.

  • Thanks!!!
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We will be using usps just cause you asked!


Any chance these packs hit Amazon Canada? While usps is definitely better than ups for brokerage, on larger orders we’ll still get hit with a good chunk of import fees

Thanks made my order step 2 of our smart home!!

@MRobi we are looking into the logistics of getting some of these onto and will be sure to update you if/when that happens!

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Excellent news! Ordered bunch of on/offs from, and a 4x dimmer set from that will be brought over for me next week. Now just waiting for availability so I don’t risk getting dinged in customs.

PS: The switches are great and all, but I would have never bought from a small company if I didn’t see how engaged employees were in these forums. Great to see this level of commitment to customer support and communication!


Looking to order the 4 pack on Inovelli store, says 15.00 for shipping but not saying if its USPS or UPS brokerage/handling pre cleared or not…?

Are these packs coming to at sale price, if so I will just wait instead of handling fee / brokerage .variance.

4 more dimmers is exactly what I need to finish house so this bundle would be a great fit.

We ship Usps. Right now, not planning

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Okay great, thank-you for the prompt reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Ordered :grinning:


Ordered 3 kits as well as 3 bypasses. Now it’s time to start praying to the CBSA Gods that I don’t get killed in import/duty fees LOL

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Lol. Sorry man, I can’t help you there.

Just a data point for anyone interested.
My order was shipped on December 30th, delivered to SW ontario on the 7th.
Total paid on my CC was $208CAD (pretty much exactly what it would cost to buy 4 on amazon) and I got stung by CBSA ($10 clearance fee + $24 for HST based on $185 declared value.) So I ended up paying ~$7 extra and waiting a couple of extra days vs buying from amazon to get the free bulbs.

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Two Christmas special packs ordered. Asked for USPS (and then Canada Post takes over]

8 days from order to delivery
ZERO added taxes or fees.
Everyone’s results will vary I suppose.


Just trying to understand the math here.
You paid 208+10+24=242

So one can always expect a +10 & +HST if ordering directly from and shipped to Canada?

Thanks ahead, I’m looking to order a batch of 10

@KevlarCoated Did you order from directly finally? What kind of brokerage/etc fees did you encounter with your purchase?

I’m looking to order 5-10 switches directly from as well ( is out of stock), and wondering what kind of extra costs I can/should anticipate over the border.