appears to be flagged as unsafe

I attempted to log into my account (from the main site), to get an order number for a support ticket. The new edge warned me the site was unsafe, a suspected Phishing site.

I don’t normally use Edge, but just confirmed that I’m getting the same error on my PC.

I just logged in without issue. My login went through not, using Firefox. Using Edge, it did try to load and got flagged.

Thanks guys, I’ll take a look into this!

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FYI this is still happening.

I am also seeing this. There is a form you can fill out telling Microsoft you are the owner of the site and they should be able to work with you to fix the issue. You may already be working on that but I wanted to make sure you were aware.

@Eric_Inovelli Monday strikes back. I was able to replicate and report as incorrect block. I’m unsure what specifically is triggering the block.

Hey guys – I did send in a report to Microsoft a while back – I completely forgot about following up. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll continue to pester them!

EDIT: Just received a response back and they said it should be cached as safe in 24hrs :slight_smile:

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@amdbuilder, @kb4000, @neile, @Bry, @gibbor, @zavex – are you guys still seeing this? I just tried this morning and it appears we were finally taken off the flagged status!

Fingers crossed it did it for you too. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

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Looks good to me. I was able to log in w/Edge with no issues after getting the block last time.

Yes, I was able to log in w/o the warning this time.

Looking good :slight_smile:

Nice, I’ll mark this one as resolved, thank you so much!

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