Automating Parameter 13 in ZHA with smart bulb mode

I’d like to modify Parameter 13 on my Blue switch to change the default level on to different brightness levels at nighttime and daytime. Doesn’t look like this is exposed as an entity in Home Assistant. My switches are in smart bulb mode. Any tricks to recommend?

I think @revelry_yeti_06 wants to change the level set by the switch when you turn it on at different points in the day. Param 13 should be able to do that if binding is used. I’m a z2m user and haven’t played with zha much so I can’t really advise. If @revelry_yeti_06 wants to automatically adjust the level (circadian rhythm) during the day that would be done at the bulb vs the switch.

As @stu1811 describes, the default on level can be set when using binding which is what I have. I want to adjust this level via an automation.

Maybe I’m missing something but as my bulbs are primarily controlled by zigbee binding, I have yet to find a good way to “prime” lights to be ready for a desired lighting scene that changes throughout the day without first turning the lights on. I would like the lights to turn on by default at 100% during the day, and 10% at night when activated by the “up” button. Any automation that I’ve tried is looking for this trigger will first bring the lights to 100% then back down to 10% as the binding is faster than a call to HA for an automation.