AUX (Engrighten 46199) switches not working - LZW31 (Black Gen2, no neutral)

I have recently connected an LZW31 dimmer with a GE Enbrighten Add-On Switch (46199).

My current configuration has no neutral, and the power comes from the light. I have replaced my switches using this configuration:

After the wiring, I changed the switch to Non-Neutral, (Config Mode-> Configx12 → DOWN 1x) and Changed to Aux Switch, (Config Mode → Configx13 → UP 1x).

When I made the change to the switch configuration, the add-on switch worked but every time I turned it OFF, the inovelli smart switch would click loudly, turn the lights back on then off quickly, and cycle the LED bar from red>green>blue.

After a few times of turning ON/OFF like this, the light starts to strobe out.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Did you test the 2-wire to see which conductor was hot before installing? I’d expect the white conductor to be hot (as you wired it), but it’s possible it’s reversed. To test, remove the two conductors from the switch and USING A METER, test between each conductor and the bare ground to see which is the constant hot.

I would start by wiring this as a 2-way just to get it going. Remove all the 3-wire connections to the Inovelli, leaving just the 2 conductors from the 2-wire (and the ground) connected to the switch. Configure the switch for a 2-way non-neutral.

Are you using a hub? Which one?

What is your load? Bulbs, type, wattage.

Does this need to be for Config 13 up 2x? Basically you need to make Parameter 21: Non neutral (0) Parameter 22: Three Way Momentary (2)

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Tested the wires, confirmed white is got with 120v and black is reading at 1v.

I was able to rewire the dimmer as 2-way by removing the connections to the add-on switch and confirmed it works fine with no other changes.

How does one set Parameter 22: Three Way Momentary (2)?

Are you using a hub? If so, which one?

Sorry about that.

I am using a Smartthings Hub.

Thanks. The first step if you haven’t already done it is to load the Device Handler in the IDE. Post back if you’re not familiar.

Then in the ST app, open the device page for the dimmer. Select the 3 dot menu top right, then “Settings”. Scroll down to “AC Power Type” and set it to “Non Neutral”. Scroll down to “Switch Type” and set it to “3-way Momentary”. Back your way out.

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Thank you for your quick response!

I had the Device Handler in the IDE from previous troubleshooting, but following your instructions and changing “AC Power Type” and the “Switch Type” fixed my issue.

I appreciate the help!

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