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Changing a light bulb is the sort of thing people do all the time without pulling the air gap. :man_facepalming: I don’t see the issue here :man_shrugging:


Thought… If I have a 5 way circuit, can I freely mix Blue 2-1 & White switches? The 4 way wiring diagrams only show 3 Blue or 1 Blue and 2 White. Could I do 2 Blue and 1 or 2 White?

While we haven’t specifically tested to confirm this, my gut is telling me no this is not possible simply bc when you wire two blues together it requires you to use neutral and line, whereas with the Aux switch, you cap off the line and use the travelers.

In addition, the switches need to be programmed to let them know what they’re connected to and if you set the smart switch to work with an aux switch, it requires different logic to work than it would smart switch to smart switch.

I’m sure someone can give a better explanation, but I’m 99% sure this wouldn’t be possible.

You can, however do 5x smart switches or 1x smart switch + 4x aux switches if it’s any consolation.

Question on the manual - especially the online version. It states:

NOTE: This is much easier to configure via your hub’s app – however, if you’d like to do it manually at the switch, please follow the instructions below.

And then… nothing. Would it be possible to add instructions which parameters to set and what firmware version is required?

Any update on this? I’m leaning toward doing my 4-way and 5-way circuits in Blues so that I can get a sort of “presence detection” based on which of the switches was activated. But I don’t want to add latency compared to using the Whites, which will be instantaneous.

Yeah unfortunately this wasn’t possible with the Blues. I can’t remember what the technical reason was but I know they couldn’t do it (I think it added another relay (bringing it to 3x total) and something to do with the PCB.

I will say, the zigbee bindings are extremely fast, but I understand the wanting a hardwired solution.