Availability of ZWave Red Series Bulbs

I know the red switches were running into availability issues a while ago but that seems mostly resolved and they’re available now but the bulbs are showing sold out. Is this just a short term thing or are they being discontinued? They were one of the few options for RGB Z-Wave bulbs.

Discontinued, see: Hue is about to sell your data and require an account, a good reason to buy Inovelli bulbs! - #5 by Eric_Inovelli

Yeah we had an insane surge of people who bought bulbs in the last month. Idk where everyone came from.

I just went through the warehouse and found about 30 of them that I tested to work that I’ll be putting up on the site in the next 10min. @Belazriel – let me know if you’re able to get some on the site and if not, let me know how many you need. I’ll hold some for you.


Thank you so much Eric! I was able to grab 10 without any issue!

Probably the whole Philips Hue account thing…

That said, if anyone’s interested, I have 4 unused ones that I’d be willing to sell (came with switches in the holiday packs years ago).