Best 6" recessed/wafer color smart lights for Blue Series switches

I’m building an outdoor covered patio and need to order some 6" down lights… Looking for smart recessed/wafers! I’d like color changing options. They need to withstand Texas humidity and heat.

Most importantly, I’d like them to be as compatible as possible with the new Blue Series switches arriving soon. I have a SmartThings hub today. I’d much prefer ZigBee over WiFi. If we can do ZigBee groups and that actually WORKS, that’s a win/win.

There are SO MANY options out there, I don’t even know where to start. Is there a list of options that have top marks in the test lab?

I appreciate any pointers and links! Thank you!

I am surprised nobody has posted an opinion on this yet.

So far, I’ve only found this RGBW option – Curious if others have tested this one yet?
6Inch ZigBee 3.0 Smart Ceiling Downlight Dimmable Color Changing LED Recessed Lighting 15W Compatible with Voice Control Alexa Echo , Google Home - 1 Pack

If I decide RBG isn’t necessary, these may be a good option:
Juno WF6C RD TUWH MW M6 Smart LED Wafer Downlight, 2700K-5000K Tunable White, Dimmable, Zigbee or Bluetooth Connection, Use with Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, Ultra Thin, 6 Inch, Matte White

But I haven’t gotten or tested either one of them yet. Has anyone else?

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I used Sylvania OSRAM and they worked great. No complaints, but they are pretty expensive. I bought them in contractor packs and it was way cheaper.

@kreene1987, do you have a link to the model you bought? I’d like to take a look.

The RGBW Zigbee lights I linked to above are back in stock; but I learned that they are NOT wafers and require cans. They also ship from China only, at the moment. Zero reviews. I’m not sure I want to play guinea pig for 12x RGBW canned lights and wait a month for them to arrive. If they were wafers, I’d probably have ordered them already.

I have osram and Phillips hue for rgb. Have halo for tuneable white. Would go with Phillips hue over osram though definitely more expensive. Halo are great for tuneable white

I bought 2x contractor 10-packs when they were on sale. Spent about ~$13 ea? But that was 2018 or so.

Well that increased a bit since then.

Yeah, no freaking joke. I went to camelcamelcamel and apparently I scored the motherload.

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I just tried the Juno lights, but had trouble with them when connecting to my Hubitat. I gave up on fighting them and replaced them with the hue slim downlights. At $70 each, the hue cost more than double, but I know anything hue will just work and be absolutely reliable.

I need 12x for an outdoor porch project. I’m not thrilled with spending that kind of cash on the Hue Slims! ;(. But, it may be necessary.

I’ve never used Hue lights. Do I need a Hub bridge/hub, or will they connect and fully function w/ my SmartThings v2 hub and the Blue Switches just fine? Pardon my ignorance.

Is there a better (non-Juno) selectable white temperature slim/wafer w/ zigbee that I should be considering? One that may work better than those Juno ones everyone seems to have issues with?
I’m not convinced I NEED color lights on the patio; but, maybe one day!


hue supports Bluetooth controls, for up to 10 devices, beyond that you need a hub. I believe they will connect to other zigbee hubs, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a hue hub, but you may lose out on some functionality that using their app and hub brings.

That said, the Juno lights officially support SmartThings, so if that’s your zigbee hub they are probably worth trying.

OK. I see what you’re saying. Juno lights might work better with SmartThings vs Hubitat. SmartThings is what I have today; but I’d hate to close doors on future technology. But Thread lights will be the next big thing, so a new hub and probably switches will be inevitable. You just can’t stay ahead for ever!

Maybe I’ll give the Juno lights a swing. Is there a 10-pack at a low price somewhere?

The 4 pack is on Amazon for $110. I had Lowe’s price match that