Best choice for Haiku Fan with double gang box?

Hi folks, first time here.

I just had a Big Ass Fans Haiku Fan with light installed in place of an old fan and light.

Given the way the Haiku works, it needs constant power and everything is controlled via app or remote, so I’d like to figure out the best setup to make the switches at the wall function like they did with the old fan, or maybe even better. Could use some advice.

I have two switches at the main box, one was originally for the fan and one was for the light. The fan switch is now sending power to the Haiku (fan AND light) and the light switch isn’t doing anything.

The light switch is also a 3 way with a switch on the other side of the room.

Ideally I’d like to have a dimmer on the light in both of the 3 way locations. It’d also be cool to have a dimmer on the fan so I can control fan speed from the wall too.

I know the Red dimmers aren’t supposed to be used with fans, so that may be out of the question, unless I connect the load to a hot wire and leave it disconnected from the dimmer in the current fan switch spot?

I may have just answered my own question, but open to others’ thoughts on what you’d recommend for this setup.

Haiku fans use EC (Electronically Commutated) motors. There are a couple variants, but generally speaking the motors are controlled by a controller boards specific to the type of EC motor. So fan-wise, at least at the present, I don’t think you’ll be able to do anything with a switch directly wired to the fan.

That being said, depending on your hub, there may be a driver that interfaces with the WiFi connection, so you might be able to do something with a scene triggered by the switch. I’d also look at Bond to see if you can do something similar.

I don’t know to much about the lighting side on the Haiku, but what I mentioned above might work for that as well.

Thanks. For the scene controller, would it make sense to do what I was saying and pigtail the fans load into a hot wire inside the box so it gets constant power, then just use neutral and line for the Red Dimmer where the fan switch used to be and setup commands to be sent from my Hubitat hub (I have the Haiku drivers working from there already)?

Yep, that makes sense. Just make sure you’re sending the hot to the fan over whichever one is connected on the fan side . . i.e. red or black, although I think you have that going. (You have to send the neutral over the white to the fan too, although that’s probably still in place.)

Pigtails to the Inovelli are fine!

Just to confirm, can I do the pigtailing at the Red Dimmer itself, for example, have the Line (Hot) going into the Line hole on the Dimmer, AND have the Fan’s Load line going into the other Line hole on the Dimmer? Or should I pigtail it separately from the Dimmer?

Yes, that’s fine. The back plate for the two backstab holes is one piece of metal. Saves you the wire nut and pigtails. Do the same for the neutral.