Big Holiday Update to the LED Visual Calculator

I have updated the visual calculator with a bunch of new features just in time for the holidays. Here’s whats new:

  • Added LED support for parameters 5 and 6 on the switch and 13 and 14 on the dimmer. This will allow you to set your “base” LED settings without having to transpose those settings from the notification sliders. Owners of Black series switches can take advantage of this tab too!

  • Added support for decoding a notification. This will convert a calculated value back into the individual components of the notification. (Thanks @silencery! )

  • Added a table with all of the potential scenes. (Thanks @wsdavis for providing that data!)

  • Added support to trigger scenes from the switch graphic. By clicking or tapping on the switch paddles (or config button!) you can trigger the scene. The application will jump to the scene table and highlight the triggered scene so you don’t have to search the table.

  • Added support to copy all calculated values as YAML. This YAML output will include the parameter number for that value. (This maybe specific to Home Assistant, I haven’t used any other ecosystem.)

  • Added parameter numbers to the calculated fields. For those of us who haven’t memorized all the parameter numbers yet, this will help remember where they go.(Thanks @MitchG! )

  • Added the ability to change the format of the calculated value. You can now choose between decimal, hex, or binary. You can set that from the new options dialog launched from the application bar. The notification decoder also supports all the above formats. (Thanks @MxMLssR!)

The application can be accessed here:

If you have used the tool in the past, you may need to do a hard refresh (CTRL-SHIFT-R in Chromium based browsers) or clear your cache in order to get the latest changes now.

I hope it helps with all your home automation projects during the holidays. Once again any feedback is appreciated!