Big News Today!

We’ve been holding this one back for a bit as we’re really excited about it! Our business model currently has been to sell our private brand (Inovelli) and focus primarily on that. However, the overwhelming support from other companies convinced us to sell their products as well.

Their rationale was that they saw that we were selling out of our products so we must know what we’re doing and they wanted us to help them.

One of my favorite quotes was, “If you can’t beat them by copying them, lowering prices to razor thin margins, and trying to sue them multiple times, you may as well join them.”

So, after much thought, we decided to launch: The Smartest Abode

A few things to note:

  • We went with sea-foam green as it invokes customers to spend their hard earned money and it’s clearly one of the most beautiful colors out there
  • We also went with some common fonts so competitors could copy us easily like they normally do
  • Finally, we chose, “Abode” bc it’s easily mixed up with Adobe and we figured we’d gain some extra traffic that way. Plus, it’s a pretty cool and progressive word.

Happy Home Automating!