Black Dimmer Switch Notifications?

The dimmer switch has the full light bar and the manual refers to dismissing notifications by double-clicking the config button. However, I can’t figure out how to set up any notifications.

I can see the procedure for the Red dimmer switch. Is this feature locked to the Red series?
If so, what is the intended use for the light bar on the Black series?
Is there a technical reason for why the notifications would/could not work on the Black series dimmers?

@pavichokche - Welcome to the community. Unfortunately, the Black Series dimmers do not support notifications; only the Red Series dimmers | On/Off switches support the notifications.

The light bar is utilized on the Black Series as a visible dimming light bar; visually shows dim levels. The Black Series do not have the required chipset to allow notifications.

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Good to know. I was thinking about picking up some black switches because I don’t need scene selection but still want notifications so it looks like I am back to the red series.

Thanks for the welcome and answer!
I see, fair enough. Some cost-cutting to lower the price of the product further. Fine by me. I can still control the lightbar with automations in SmartThings (webCoREif nothing else) and create my own custom poor man’s notifications that way. I just wanted to clarify because that mention in the user manual confused me.

As I noted above, you still have full access to the light bar so you can automate your own notifications with WebCoRE (and maybe some other smartapps) in SmartThings or another method in your hub of choice.
Save yourself some bucks, and save the additional delay of the Red switch waiting to see if you’re multi-pressing when you just want to turn your lights on. But that’s just my POV.

@pavichokche - Understand. You aren’t the first and won’t be the last to ask a similar question. I have many Black On/Off switches because I didn’t need the notifications in the area. Saved me some money for each switch. If you have some feedback for the manual, please let @Eric_Inovelli and team know as revisions happen all the time and may make the manual a little bit easier to understand for all.

@harjms Yeah if the ON/OFF switches were available right now in Canada I would have definitely considered them too. I’m assuming the price is even lower. Unfortunately they seem to be out of stock or indefinitely unavailable right now.
This is getting off topic a bit, but do you notice faster response times from the switch between the Black ON/OFF and Black Dimmers switches?

So technically I only have Red Series Dimmers, so hard to compare directly. I have them on my bath fans and lights throughout the house (appx 7). I The response time hasn’t bothered me on either, but seems to drive some other folks crazy. I know Inovelli is working on a LITE firmware version shortly that will help decrease the response time to be more like a standard on/off switch.

Side note: Starting to feel sorry for all you Canadians up there…high shipping fees and stock is spotty at best it seems. You all need a PO Box across the border.

I actually live across from Detroit and have a US address service set up, but with the current pandemic situation that’s no help either. No big deal, none of this stuff is essential.

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